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Hey guys?
It's mom-post time, and I do this for myself so I can remember all of Vivian's damn cuteness. It's long and mom-ish and I'm sure you don't care a lick, but hey. It's a necessity, you know? I would die if I forgot any of these unbelievably adorable things happening right now. Yes. I know. Gag.
But, don't say you weren't warned.

Every month I say this, but every month I mean it: This is my favorite stage!! Every month brings something new and hilarious and funny and sweet.

 photo IMG_0130fix2_zpsfe2c4037.jpg

Vivian turned 11 months yesterday, and as of right now, she is full of all sorts of tricks.

::she weighs about 23 pounds and is pretty tall for her age. She's got a cute little bum and small hips with a fat little tummy and edible cheeks. But I love the fat, kissable folds of her neck the very most.

 photo IMG_0133fix_zps20d4ba63.jpg

::holds her hand/any object up to her ear when you say "hello!" or when she sees you on the phone.

::won't give kisses anymore, except to the animals in her room. Only on special occasions can we sneak one.

::still blows kisses with the back of her hand.

::she loves to comb her own hair at bedtime.

::thinks she's hilarious and has the greatest fake laugh on earth. She cracks herself up constantly. She especially likes to spit and then laugh hysterically. She had my mom and me in tears the other day because we were laughing so hard, and I got some of it on video ( it's long...and it's purely for my enjoyment).

::loves hitting things together to make noise.

:: obsessed with pulling her clothes out of the drawers.

::loves chewing on socks (what the?)

::thinks it's hilarious to crinkle her nose up and snort in and out...and copies anyone who does it to her. It is so hilarious, and I have no idea where she got it.

 photo IMG_0144fix_zps5bba5825.jpg

::has finally learned how to bite off pieces of food . I can now usually give her a little sandwich, a piece of banana or crackers and she will take little bites instead of shoving the whole thing into her mouth. It's adorable to see her little teeth marks in her food.

::she has learned to click her tongue, and usually when she clicks her tongue at me, that means she is hungry.

::likes to take food out of her mouth and throw it on the floor just to get a reaction out of us. It's super annoying, and the look on her face when she does is tells me that she likes it that way. Also...the pounds of food that end up wasted on the floor could feed an army of sumo wrestlers.

::will fold her arms (THE CUTEST THING EVER!!) when she sees someone else doing it...and she gets really quiet and looks down at her arms.

 photo IMG_0138fix_zps23ab18c1.jpg

::gives five when you ask her to

::discovered how to put bracelets on her arm and loves to put them on and take them off over and over again.

:: Dale's favorite thing so far: she has learned how to throw a ball. She loves playing catch and loooves throwing things around. She thinks it's the best game, and is so proud of herself every time she throws something.

 photo photo_zps3e260636.jpg

::likes rolling a basketball back and forth with us. She is actually really good at pushing the ball back to us...and I'm thinking she's gonna be a baller.

::is getting feisty. If you are doing something she doesn't like, she makes a little feisty yell at you, telling you to move your hand....or give her her way. She does throw some fits, but mostly she likes to yell at you. It's pretty funny, because it's not really bratty. It's just her funny little personality trying to tell us what's up. And it's dang cute (at least for now).

::she's been in to pulling her own hair lately...and it's getting impossible to keep pigtails or bows in that mop of curly locks.

::still loves to be naked...but what's new? Got that from me I suppose.

::likes to lay her head down on your lap or chest and then pat you (that's what we do to her...It is so weird to see her starting to mimic the stuff that we do!)

::in the last few days, she has decided that she finally looooves her stuffed bunny and stuffed lamb that have been in her crib since she was born. It's funny to see babies show preference for things out of the blue. I love it.

And the best and most exciting thing that has happened this last month:

It has been so fun to watch her take her little Frankenstein steps. We've been working on it since my mom has been here helping out, and it's taken about a week. The first couple of days, she would take about 4 steps before she would sit down and crawl. The next day was 6. The next day was even farther. And then the next day, she just started walking! She walked back and forth between me, Dale and my mom, and then she started walking all the way down the hall. I mean, she even started letting go of our hands and deciding that instead of walking down the hall, she wanted to walk into her room by herself.

 photo IMG_0262FIX2_zps970f02e7.jpg

IT WAS INSANE! I love seeing that cute little body toddle her way around the house like she's been doing it for months, and I'm so glad my mom got to be here when she did it. I know that most people say to never wish your kid to walk too early, but in Vivian's case, it has been a lifesaver. She was cranky until she was mobile, and I would much rather have her walking than crawling. And anyway, baby walks are now my absolute favorite thing to watch, so naturally, we took a million videos.

Anyway, onward:

::She is still the most social, smiley baby I know. Everywhere we go, people stop us and comment on how smiley and happy she is, and a surprising amount of people call her the Gerber Baby (should I be one of those moms who enters their kids into beauty contests? Maybe?). She will give the cheesiest grin to every person walking by, making her little sound attempts at "hi", trying to get their attention and wave or something. She loves people. She loves people watching her, she loves an audience, and she can be such a complete ham. I love her big personality. It keeps things interesting and makes me laugh (but the two year old version of this....heaven help me).

 photo IMG_0141fix_zpsb0dfaf45.jpg

::She is still as busy as can be, never holding still and never stopping. She has so much energy, and it is exhausting, but she is so happy most of the time that I can't complain.

 photo IMG_0245fix_zpsbd7e4e66.jpg

This month I have been amazed to see how fast this girl picks things up. Most times, I will show her how to do something one time, and she catches on right then and there. She is a quick little thing, so it's been fun to teach her new tricks and see her discover and develop all kinds of awesome skills.

Man, this little girl of mine. I love her so much my heart explodes, like, 456132.3 times a day. Really.

 photo IMG_0248_zpsd1e74887.jpg

So, once again, I am so cliche, and I end with this:


mom-post over. Thanks for sticking around. It was worth it though, right? It's not every day you get to see the most adorable baby on earth grow up, you know?


  1. holy crap this was cute.
    she is adorable.
    i can't believe she is walking!
    go viv!

  2. holy crap this was cute.
    she is adorable.
    i can't believe she is walking!
    go viv!

  3. I know I say this every time but Millie and Viv would have a blast together!! She is ADORABLE and I love her cute walk! She definitely could be a model baby...just sayin! You are such a great mom! Viv will be one in a month! Crazy!

  4. I am in love with her big toothy grin!! She is so cute! Maybe she'll be into younger guys and our little Mace can date her. I'm digging' the bedazzled neck brace too!

  5. Those baby floral skinny jeans are awesome!


  6. I love that video of her in her high chair, she tries so hard to spit and her face is sooooo funny! What a clown. Such a sweet baby girl, that first picture looks so much like Dale. I Love that little girl so much. Just wait, the time will come when it's not your favorite stage. Then you just have to watch them sleep, they are always cute then :)

  7. Why have I not met your awesome child!?!?! Those videos are amazing! I LOVE her laugh!! She is hilarious!!! What a freaking awesome kid you have. Can't wait to meet her and see her big personality!

  8. I love that Vivian Beard!! She's perfect.

  9. she is just adorable and the walkiing--so cute!



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