right now


My house, in real time:

 photo IMG_9814fix_zps1788cb62.jpg

 photo IMG_9821Fix_zpsf3fd8c3f.jpg

 photo IMG_9829Fix_zps783b963f.jpg

 photo IMG_9840_zpse0d565a2.jpg photo IMG_9854_zps290c2f56.jpg

Right now,  it's all quiet hallways with sunshine pouring in, a napping baby, my new pet basil plant, beautiful surprise blossoms on the tree outside, and me, at my very best, with award winning gym hair.

You may be thinking...Who are you and what have you done with the real sarcastically cynical Elyse?,
Because I too am surprised at my positivity this last week, especially here.

Ill tell you what: I'm attributing it all to the sun, and those white baby blossoms on my tree outside. All signs point to spring, and I'm going with it.

Happy Monday!


  1. ummm, did YOU take all those pics? Cuz they look UH-MAZE-BALLS! Did you go to that SF photography class without me or what? I wanna go! Please want to be my friend as badly as I want to be yours, ok? Thanks. X-to-the-O...


  2. gorgeous photos! love this post.



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