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photo from our self-guided LOST tour in Hawaii. We saw the "others" village in real life!

Today, I have to confess:
I have fallen in love with TV in the last year.

Before we moved to California, we never watched TV. We didn't have cable and we didn't really care about Netflix and we weren't into any shows. Dale and I are the movie watching type anyway.

And then some of our friends recommended LOST to us, and let us borrow all of the seasons so we could catch up with the current final season. And anyway, we decided to give it a try on our Christmas break from school. And our lives ended. We watched that show every day for 2 whole weeks, starting at 11 am and watching almost the entire day until 4 AM. I wish I could say that I'm exaggerating, but I'm actually not. We became quickly obsessed with that show, and to this day, it is our favorite.

Anyway, it was my beloved Lost that introduced us to the wonder that can be TV shows, and now we are addicted.

And although we still don't have cable (and really don't want it), and swore we wouldn't be "that couple" that had to watch their shows every night....and we totally are. We signed up with Netflix and Hulu Plus and because of that I have watched ridiculous amounts of TV in the last year.

Here are our addictions:

Grey's Anatomy

Swore I was never gonna jump on this bandwagon. And then I did and I can never go back. Who else out there thinks that Owen is totally hott? And devastated about McSteamy?

Vampire Diaries

Another show I swore I would never watch. It looked so ridiculously, adolescently stupid. But guess who got me hooked? My mother-in-law, that's who. She's probably so embarrassed that I'm saying this too. But it's changed my life. Can't decide if I'm team Stefan or team Damon (Though I'm leaning toward Damon because he was on Lost after all. And I totally loved him as Boone. Can't really go wrong there).

Mad Men

My all-time favorite guilty pleasure. I am in love with Don Draper. IN. LOVE. And the fashion! The show just reminds me that I was born in the wrong era. I cannot wait for the new season to start in April. I wish I knew more people who watched it so that we could have a Mad Men party and dress up. Calling all fans. Let's meet up and have a party. Yes?


Do you guys watch this? I feel like it's super cheesy and that the producers feel the need to broach every possible issue that ever has been. But at the end of the day, I just really love it, and sometimes it even makes me cry. So I keep watching it.

Parks and Rec

Ya..New discovery. Basically, I can't believe I've been missing out this long. I love every single character on that show. I can't even pick a favorite, but if I had to...maybe Ron Swanson and his meat loving ways? Possibly FBI agent Burt Macklin? I even love the diva that is Tom Haverford. And April Ludgate. And I literally love Chris Traeger.  Also, Dale is in love with April and her cynicism. Is that weird or what? If there is one show I would encourage you to watch right now, this would be the one. Really.

The Bachelor

One word: Sean.

The Bachelor is the stupidest, most dramatic and played up show on television. And the drama is hilarious. The girls are stupid. And I hate Chris Harrison. AND I HATE THAT STUPID TIARA GIRL! Still. I love to hate it. And Sean is the hottest Bachelor they've ever had...says the tabloids.

Downton Abbey
I just want to own every dress ever worn on this show. I'm realizing how pathetic my life is and how much tv I watch and how I should probably stop.
eh. I guess that's what kids and bedtimes do to you. At least I'm knitting while watching, right?

Any shows you can't get enough of? I always like more excuses to waste my time.


  1. Now I don't feel so bad and addicted to my shows either. I never wanted to start watching Mad Men either but I got hooked and Jim just reminded me that the new season is starting. Ah! Yay for good shows. I should just be as productive as you and knit or something!

  2. Don't feel bad. I've been addicted to many shows for years. I actually started watching Greys anatomy in its first season so..... I've been watching it for 8 years..... I feel like they're family. Do you watch private practice then? And I'm in love with parenthood and downton abbey. Just started watchin both of those.

    Bachelor is good and I'm addicted and can't stop but it's always same story different day. .....still love it.

    By the way.... I feel like you and I have similar humor ... (From what I've read anyway) and I really think you would like new girl. It's probably the most funny show I watch. So so so good. Has Zooey dechanel in it. And who doesn't like Zooey? Anyway.... Please watch it. And report back. Thanks. :)

  3. OK I'm obsessed with every show you just listed. I'm serious. Ok not every one but we just finished Parks and Rec on Netflix and when I realized it was over my heart dropped. We started to watch Lost again because we loved it so much. I know who wins the Bachelor. I have to find out every time because I hate surprises but I can't get enough of it. I'm scared to start Vampire Diaries because I know I won't have a life when I do. I watched the first season of Downton Abbey and fell in love. But there was only one season so I have't been able to watch the others. Parenthood. We love it. Crosby is hilarious.Don't even get me started on Grey's. Oh that show has my heart. It consumed my life like Lost did yours. I haven't heard of Mad Men. I'll look into. This is long and I'm sorry I just got really excited.

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  5. BAGH! I totally just wrote the EXACT SAME POST. Bahahaha!

    Looks like we have some similar taste! {in blog topics AND tv}

  6. Ok I love tv too, and I don't care who knows it. I've been meaning to get into some of these shows because I really don't have enough. ;) Anyways, I'm sure I've said this before but Modern Family is my favorite 1/2 hour of the week. Wish I was kidding. We have the first two seasons if you want to borrow them. DO IT!

  7. i get so caught up in tv series too! grey's anatomy is definitely one of my all time favs.

  8. I think Lost is still one of the best shows to have ever been on tv. I miss it so bad and cried when it ended. In fact, just a couple weeks ago when madden was napping I decided to pull up the 2 hour LOST finale on our Apple TV and I watched it and bawled like a baby. How's that for pathetic?

  9. i was a diehard lost fan in real time when it was first on, and got my hubby hooked (and rewatched it all again with him) last year. oh, and i'm SUCH a sucker for mad men / parenthood. we also watch breaking bad (so good) and just started homeland. tv is taking over our lives! ha

  10. I will fight you for Don Draper.

    That is all.

    MAD MEN PARTY. Yes, lets.

  11. Swore I'd never watch Pretty Little Liars... and now I just got my own mother hooked. Seriously, try it. The first two seasons are on Netflix!

  12. I totally miss McSteamy and I'm on Team Damon too :)



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