love week: knitting


Heeeeyyy yoouuuuu guysssss!

Valentines Day? It's like a week away.
Did that sneak up on us or what?
Anyway, you know what that means, right?


Originally stolen from my friend Marci who introduced me to Love Week, I loved it so much that I copied her and started last year. Love Week is a week of posts about things that I looooooove to the moon and back, and it reminds me to think about all of the things I love best and why I love them. So it's kind of cool, in a lovey dovey way, you know?

And....Also it gives me something to blog about, if we're being honest.

To kick off Love Week this year, let me introduce you to my very latest obsession with a few telling hints:

1. It makes me look like a grandmother
2. It makes me think I should have a cat
3. It makes me feel like the happiest loser in the world, but also like a cool hipster


You're right. I knew you'd guess it at the first clue.

I am completely obsessed with knitting and I don't care who knows it!

Take my latest tweet for example:
"Eating Biscoff cookies, watching Downton Abbey and knitting is totally making my I guess you could say I'm a loser. A happy loser."
 -Elyse Beard, Twitter, approximately 11:37 PM

One day I decided that I was sick of rotting my brain by watching TV every single night and doing nothing else. No reading. No crafting. No thinking. Just vegging.

I also was feeling a little bit worthless, like my intellect was going to waste and I was losing any type of intelligence and ingenuity that I once had in college. I missed learning and doing. SO! I decided that I would teach myself to do something new, and that something new was knitting.

I started with a simple project I found on Pinterest that proclaimed it a "one night, one skein project!".

Ya well. Pinterest lied, as it usually does. I had to use two skeins of yarn and it took me approximately 2 months to finish it. I had to undo my work millions of times because of tiny mistakes and learning errors.


With a combination of You Tube videos, websites and lots of wasted money on the wrong gauge of yarn and the wrong size of needles, I eventually figured this out and have completed two whole projects and am working on a third.

Like this pretty cowl scarf:

and this beautiful baby hat (challenging for me, but loved the end result)

And I am currently working on this pretty blanket with a few colors of my own.

I'm surprised at how fulfilling it is to teach myself something and then enjoy doing it. I have really had so much fun knitting, and I am excited to learn more and get better, and I am super proud of this little accomplishment of mine.

I"m sure my technique is ghastly though. Don't tell your grandma.

So, are you a knitter? Can we start an online support group? Like a knitting support group where we talk about our feelings and our 100 cats and have bags full of yarn and needles and wear hair nets? And maybe watch tv while we're at it?

So, that's it for todays love post. Tune in every day until THEE DAY for more lovely love posts about love.
Because I lovely love love.

PS: If you love knitting or want to start, you'll love the Purl Bee. It's my favorite knitting site with the best projects. Also check out the Design Sponge illustrated knitting basics).
PPS: if you are doing love week, tell me! I love reading what other people love!
PPPS: bonus if you count how many times the word LOVE is mentioned in this annoying lovey dovey post (To save you time, it's 24).


  1. Love it! I am too scared to try anything other than very very simple! The beanie is adorable! Thomas makes jabs at me all the time for my nightly knitting...But we shall be pros when we are old and not even have to look at our fingers! Hipster grannies is the making:)

  2. I'm so impressed! I just started crocheting for the exact same reason, I just missed learning something new and setting goals. Can a scarf be a goal? Yes. To be honest, I don't even know the difference between crocheting and knitting besides the two-needles one-hook thing...did I make a bad choice??

    Whatevs, my ugly scarf is well on its way so don't tell me.

  3. I love that you and Marci both do love week too! It's my fave :)

  4. So glad you're doing love week! i need to get my booty in gear....starting mine a little late this year (obvs) but i iwll jump on the wagon soon. love all of your loves -- excited to read more! xoxo

  5. Elyse, I'm so surprised! I didn't know you were knitting. You are quite the little homemaker!



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