a pathetic vday


Here's the thing about Valentine's Day:

I always have high hopes for something romantic to happen. Maybe some pretty jewelry with diamonds in it. A spontaneous getaway perhaps? A really big shopping spree. Nothing big.

But every year I am let down. And that's not to say that my husband doesn't do thoughtful, sweet things for me, but this holiday just hasn't been that big of a deal for us, thanks to the accountant life we lead. Now, adding a baby to the mix just makes things harder to be romantic. and THEN add a serious spinal surgery and a super sexy neck brace into the mix, the romance factor vanished into thin air. POOF.

I had surgery on Monday, and ended up having to stay 2 nights because I couldn't walk without getting dizzy and lightheaded\ because I guess I'm weak sauce and can't handle narcotics. Weird right?
Anyway, I got out of the hospital right before Valentines, and I was really bummed about it because I just wanted to do a lot of cutesy things for the holiday this year besides these two scandalous decorations.

 photo IMG_9944_zps9b30182b.jpg

 photo IMG_9946_zps49c8a00f.jpg

But then I got home and realized I was pretty much worthless.
My mom, Viv and I tried to go shopping during the day for a little Galentine's day fun, but I pushed myself too hard and I payed for it by being sick and dizzy the rest of the night.

We tried to order Italian (because Italian food is always so romantic), and after taking a few pictures, I started feeling more sick and had to lay down pathetically on the couch, while my mom and Dale ate at the table with a candle....and I sipped water through a straw. And then Dale had to feed me my cold pasta.

That was fun.

But the day before I forced my mom to make my favorite sugar cookie recipe, so after they were all baked and ready and I had rested my pathetic post-surgery self, I felt a little better. So we decorated cookies the best that we could, rented Titanic, and watched it. And then Dale started snoring and I slept with my mom.

 photo IMG_0045_zps75e9c9aa.jpg

 photo IMG_0049_zps54a17e88.jpg

 photo IMG_0056_zpsab81c446.jpg

 photo IMG_0063_zps0bc19d98.jpg

 photo IMG_0077_zpscbee3890.jpg

 photo IMG_0080_zpsa1f1c49e.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zpsf6c6041b.jpg

 photo IMG_0101_zpsb0cf5206.jpg

THAT'S how this Valentine's Day will go down in history.
All kinds of pathetic.
 But at least it will be memorable.
And at least I got to eat lots of sugar cookies with the people I love the most.

Hope you all had a fun love day with the ones that you love most!



  1. Our Valentine's was pretty sad too. I had the flu so our plans totally fell through. We didn't even eat dinner because I didn't want to cook and neither did my husband. We dropped our kiddo off with Grandma for three hours and just picked a movie to watch on Netflix. All kinds of romantic, right? But like you said, memorable!

  2. ha. this made me laugh. probably because it sounds somewhat like ours. we drove all afternoon, had turkey sandwiches for dinner, and the baby slept between us. at least you made sugar cookies and pasta!



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