Writer Wednesdays: Stream of consciousness


Unedited stream of consciousness writing exercise....starting.....NOW.

Can we just talk about a few things for a sec?


Baz Luhrman - you're my movie idol as of late ( SERIOUSLY!?! Moulin Rouge? Romeo + Juliet? Australia? GREAT GATSBY??)
Leo Dicap - marry me
Hugh Jackman - make out with me
Ron Swanson - bring me a bacon-wrapped steak please


Shakespeare - who knew Mr. Luhrman could make you so damn sexy?
Les Miserables - Who knew you could make me listen to your soundtrack twice a day, every day and still cry over it?
Parks and Rec - Who knew that such a funny show existed?
Romeo + Juliet - Who knew Shakespeare talk could be so damn sexy?


This meal - make it today
This meal - make it tomorrow
This meal - make it Friday
This stuff - go buy it right now


Crossfit - I love you for potentially making me have a hott body for the summer
Snapchat - I love you for making me feel adequately teenager again.
and this site - I love you for magically knowing my mood and matching it with music
and this song - I love you for being the most awesome song of the year (possibly because you were on the Great Gatsby trailer, but who knows?
Love is Blindness by Jack White on Grooveshark

I don't even know. I just know that I am in love with a lot of things right now, and it's making me feel unfaithful and sort of like a polygamist. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not. Maybe I'm pulling a Jerry (name that show). But it's basically (wait, no it is actually) 12:17 in the AM. I am unintentionally intentionally turning of my filter because this is a writing excercise, is it not? Actually, if you want to know the truth, I just started writing all of the things I love and decided to call it my stream of consciousness and call it writer wednesdays. And now, it's 12:20 which means I've been writing nonsense for three whole minutes. Blame it on my 8th grade teacher who made us do this in her class and I really hated her and it was hard for me not to write that I hated her on my assignment.

But really, I did. She accused me of cheating when I didn't. And I'm still pissed about it.

So, do you have a consciousness? do you have a stream? That is, a stream of consciousness you want to share? (It's actually a real live narrative term!) In other words: a professional way of rationalizing rambling.
So go.
do it.


  1. Haha oh man...that cheating drama. Seriously? She was crazy. Is crazy. I love your blog one thousand million times more than I loved eighth grade.

  2. I think I'm going to take this writer Wednesday prompt and do it. I liked these assignments in high school/college. Nothing was wrong. Everything you wrote was right. It was great.

    By the way.... The movie is p.s. I love you.



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