viv at 9 months


hey, warning. Mom post ahead.

So. My once tiny baby is now almost 10 months old, and I'm kind of freaking out. I can't believe a whole year has gone since I was pregnant and fat and nesting. It's just too weird.

How is this even happening? Is this real life?

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick update on all of the new things Viv is up to these days.

*At 9 months, she is getting her two top teeth to match her two bottoms.

*She LOOOOOOVES to get her teeth brushed. I dare say it is her favorite part of the day. She giggles the whole time we brush them, and she is enthralled anytime we brush our teeth. Actually that's the only way we can get her to stay still for a second so I can do her hair.

*She is eating like a champ, and feeds herself almost all of her food. She loves anything and everything we put in front of her, but especially loves fruit. And bread. and peas. Ok, basically everything.

*One of her most favorite things to do is turn the pages in books. While I'm reading, she reaches for the page and turns it real quick, and when the book is over, she'll turn over the book and open it again.

*And I've mentioned that Viv can roll her R's, right? Kind of like a little senorita. I finally got some really good video of it...even though she's ornery, but I have to put it up.


*She loves to drink out of a cup, and always wants to do it even if she spills all over herself every time.

*She can wave bye bye to people....but you have to say it a million times. It's a work in progress, but I love seeing her cute little hands open and shut. You can tell she is concentrating reeeeaaaalllly hard when she does it.

*Favorite time of the day: BATH TIME. by far. She loves to drink the water and pay with the faucet. Seriously, the cutest.



*She loves to jump in her crib.

*Speaking of beds, she has recently discovered that she can pull herself up in her crib and cry and that it's much more effective than just laying there (so annoying...but unfortunately super cute).


*She starts clapping when we say "Yay!"

*Starts clapping when we sing Patty Cake to her. And she'll even roll her hands when the song says to! It's pretty awesome, and it is her very favorite game.

*She started crawling last week (finally!), but she still would rather walk around the furniture and the walls. She is getting in to literally everything, and we had to do some major baby proofing this weekend since she really loves to lick power outlets.






*She will give big, wet, open-mouthed, tongue kisses whenever you ask, and loves to kiss the animals in her room before she goes to bed.


And ya. Viv is just the cutest right now. This stage is fuuuuuuun. I'm loving it.

Ok. Mom post over.
Happy Monday!


  1. I love Mom posts :) The pics of her in the tub are to-die-for cute! Happy 9 months Viv!

  2. She is A.DOR.ABLE!!!! Her rolling her R's is so cute! I wish her and mill could play I think they would get along. Haha she is so cute! Love the mom posts! :)

  3. Love her:) You need to get a video of Dale doing the siren.. Just for cause;) Haha! Miss you all.



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