happy things whilst sickness


I hate being sick.

I hate it when my baby is sick.

but I hate it worse when both of us are sick. No combo could be worse.

We've been sick with Bronchitis and ear infections for more than a week now.....and ya. Let's just say things have been a little slow and dreary here, hence my being MIA. Like...I know you're going through withdrawals and I'M JUST SORRY OK!!!

anyway. today I have just had a happy day, and these are the reasons why:

 photo IMG_9677fix1_zps43366a16.jpg

and her extremely curly hair as of late! I couldn't get a good enough picture of it but HOLY! This girl woke up with ringlets. Full freakin' blown ringlets. She looks like a toddler and I just can't even.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage1fix_zps3b95c175.png
And then I love having an outfit that I love. And I also love baby feet and new rugs. What do you think about  my new rug? Because let me tell you, I've been eyein' this baby for a solid 4 months now, and BAM. It went on massive sale. And I got it. And it's perfect.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage3fi_zps3f67e8b2.png
Also, I submit that there is nothing better on rainy days than homemade tomato basil soup and a grilled cheese. And I just happened to find the most amazing recipe for the both of them yesterday. I mean, easy, perfect and DELICIOUS. I'm thinking I'll post the recipe soon, because you might die of orgasmic food qualities. Just sayin.

Also, I have a whole bottle of Martinelli's to myself today. It's epic.

 photo IMG_9741fix_zps2a890327.jpg

So ya. I guess you could say that today was a good day for the  hacking, coughing, sleep-deprived, cranky, stir-crazy house bound girls that we are.

It was a good day.


  1. Good for you! It is true, when both mom and baby are sick it is the worst combo ever, like it should be illegal or something. Anyway, I would love for you to share that recipe, Tomato soup is one of my favorite things in the world! Hope you both are feeling better soon.

  2. All of these things are making ME want to be sick. Can we share a soda or something? That rug! Hello amazingness.

  3. i always enjoy your posts thoroughly. therefore...wanted you to know that i nominated your blog for the liebster award. here's the link:


  4. Tomato basil soup recipe please! I have been wanting to make it FOREVER but never been 100% excited about the recipes I find- do share :)

    Hope you are all healthy soon





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