a melted puddle of heart on the floor


Yesterday was one of those days that I wanted to video the entire day and remember it always. I wanted to be able to watch it over and over and over again.

Vivian loves when I dance for her. I get really silly and shake my butt and do all kinds of crazy twirls and disco moves. And she loves it. It without fail will get her to laugh every time (kind of like this stupid video from Christmas time....but her reaction is ten times better now).

Yesterday, I swept her up in a crazy twirly twirl of mine, and we danced cheek to cheek as I sang a crazy Ingrid Michaelson song. We danced and twirled, and Vivian's best smile was on her face and my favorite laugh dribbled out of her constantly. Whenever I stopped, she flapped her arms and giggled, telling me to NOT STOP! So we continued to squirm and jump and leap and spin.
And it was just the greatest. 

We were both laughing so much. And at that moment, I saw myself in slow motion. I saw our faces, looking at each other, laughing with out heads back, spinning in circles to a cute song. I saw how lucky I am. I saw this beautiful moment from the outside, and I took a picture in my head. At that moment, I saw my very best little buddy, and cupid-arrows of love kept shooting from my heart into her tiny sweet body. I was in my sweats, she had snot running down her nose. A laundry pile the size of small elephant was strewn all over my bed and that morning's breakfast was smashed into the floor. And it all made the moment. I was happy. I loved it all. And I love that Vivian girl so much that it hurts.

I feel so very lucky to have this little sidekick to hang out with. She makes my life such a fun little place, full of easy smiles and simple pleasures. She reminds me how easy it is to be happy. 

And then I had to wipe up the puddle that was my melted heart from the floor.
This thing we have going on? I love it. So much.


  1. Love this and you both. So glad your day was wonderful. You give me confidence :)

  2. This post is absolutely WONDERFUL. Seriously, I love it. You're such a good mom! Josie and I love dancing, too. Isn't it the best?

  3. You make me so excited to be a momma (:

  4. Absolutely adorable! You're such a good mom! I love these type of moments, they just make your heart about explode. Loves.

  5. after reading this my heart is a massive puddle on the floor.

    i know how you feel my baby girl, i don't think i can love her anymore and then i do.

    and v's laugh adorable :)

  6. That time when:
    a) this post made me want to rip out my IUD myself so that I could get knocked up and have a babay
    b) you're a real good writer
    c) your dance moves were totally happenin'
    d) so was your effortlessly cute outfit and hair
    e) you're adorbs and so is your baby and so was this post. i loved it all. long time.
    THE END.




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