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Howdy ya'll!

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere on this 'ole blog before that my family is a bunch of cowboys. My brother's and dad have mustaches that would put the Tombstone men to shame, we have a bunch of horses, we had a bunch of dogs, we use to live on a little farm where dogs could behead cats without fear of retribution and we used to raise things like lambs and 50 baby pheasants and learn how to rope and ride.

I don't know if it was the chore of getting up at 5 AM before school to trudge down the lonely road to the barn in the DARK all ALONE in the freezing COLD just to shovel a bunch of hay into the horse stalls...but somewhere in my childhood, the love for cowboy-isms got lost on me. I was never into the boots or the roping or the riding. 

But somewhere in my subconscious, I think I still love horses because they were my childhood. 
And that was the elaborate story I made up to tell Dale when I had to explain why I bought this shirt.

"They're horses, Dale! I have to! My psychiatrist says that I need to set that little girl buried inside free!"


shirt: F21// skirt: F21// tights: H&M// wedges: Old Navy// glasses: my dad, the optometrist

Be free, little one. Be free.

And yes. This radiance above really DOES happen in real life.

On another note...GUESS WHAT?
I have a new friend here who just happens to be an awesome fashion blogger with impeccable style and a hilarious sense of humor. I mean, she's freaking hilarious. And so pretty.
And she asked if she could spotlight me on her pretty little blog, GBO Fashion!

Um. yes. I'm flattered. ShanShan, you're the shiz nit, you know that?
If you're here visiting from good ole GBO, HOWDY. Take off your coat and stay a while, yes?

So head on over here if you're interested in anything at all I have to say about fashion.
You cute little buckaroos, you.


  1. This outfit is adorable! Love the sweater and love how you styled it.


  2. Oops.. and by sweater I meant shirt! haha

  3. I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! Love this top! I'm your newest follower :) I would love for you to follow my blog too!



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