writer wednesdays: insomniac


Wut up my bloggy home skillets!


Have you missed writing club prompts? did you even notice they were gone?
Shame on you.
Wait...you don't even know what writing club IS?!?

Well, come young grasshopper, and I will teach you.

For anyone new around these parts, writing club is an installment of the blog that I started a little bit ago to give myself a reason to use my brain that was turning into mush from speaking baby speak all day (read about it here). Once or twice a month, I will post a prompt, and you get to write about it! It is an excuse to work on your writing skills, be creative, or just read other people's creative-ness. Members of writing club post their work to a Google Groups forum where other people can read and comment. It's like a book club, but for writing!

And it's legit.
So, if you're not already a part of writing club but are DYING to try it, leave me a comment with your email, or email me (see contact information up top), and I will invite you to start posting on the writing club forum! And if you have any questions, please see here.

As for you other writing veterans, this week's prompt be KILLER.
It's just a small one to ease back into it.

But basically, I think it will offer a small peek into our brains.
It could be a story or a paragraph or a sentence. Or even just one word. In my case, it might be a swear word.

Set your alarm for 3 a.m., wake up, and write the first thing that comes to mind.

Like I said. Might be a swear word. Or a continuation of a dream. 

Hopefully you aren't having a sex dream because...that would be awkward.

Go set your alarms! I hope people participate this week because it will be fuuuuuuunnny. 
Anyway, to read submissions, click here, and if you want to be able to submit your stuff, email me!
Link up if you'd like!


  1. I just saw this! I have been MIA. I will write about this prompt soon. I like it.



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