we go together like brad pitt and sexy


Some things are just meant for each other, you know?
There's no other way around it.


-Peanut butter and chocolate
-Unicorns and glitter
-Bacon and more bacon
-Baseball and sunflower seeds
-Peeta and cake decorating
-San Francisco and trolleys


-Sex and lingerie (who even does this?)
-Babies and poop
-Christmas and Jesus
-Don Draper and swooning
-Christian Bale and batman


-Carbs and French bread
-Jack Shepherd and Lost
-Dale and gingers
-Michael Scott and That's What She Said jokes
-Rock Hudson and Doris Day
-Audrey Hepburn and fashion


-Nudists and the Castro
-Twilight and garbage
-Stefan Salvatore and vampires
-Hawaii and sunsets
-Bruce Willis and hair
-Women and hormones


-Harry Potter and Hedwig
-President Obama and Slytherin
-One liners and Sue Sylvester
-Chips and salsa
-Instagram and hashtags
-Jimmy Stewart and awesome

jacket: H&M (old) similar // shirt: Forever 21// skirt: H&M (old) similar // tights: H&M// wedges: famous footwear//

and as my sister would say: grilled cheese and sugar.....(she's blonde and has freakishly fast metabolism)

I don't think I need to go on.
But alas I will. Just once:

Leather and tulle.

It's the perfect combination of  masculine and feminine. A transvestite, if you will.
I'm nothing if not politically correct

What are your perfect pair-ups?
Ten points if you can come up with one that makes me laugh out loud.


  1. Your lookin hott! You want to come redo my wardrobe with the zero money we have haha :) but really do love your blog! And I think dumb and ass go really well together ;)

  2. Ummm...love this outfit and LOVE this post. I'm with on most everything, especially Don Draper. Because seriously. I'm in love.

  3. Are you real? I seriously want to know. I think you might be my soul-mate.

  4. while i love tulle and don draper, i don't think your inclusion of anorexia was necessary. pretty insensitive, actually. i realize you're not into being "politically correct," but there's something to be said for empathy.

  5. wow you are gorgeous my dear! i'm so glad i checked out your blog. i love this outfit so much, i don't think i have come across an outfit that i have loved this much in so long! the sunglasses, the skirt the wedges oh my, i love. new follower.

  6. This made me laugh my husband and I are watching the office right this second and right as I was reading this Michael said, "that's what she said." SO FUNNY! Love your blog!




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