The Bee's Knees


Well, it's almost Thanksgiving (WHAT THE?)

But for some reason it feels a whole lot like October still, so in light of that, I'll do one last post about Halloween and the party that just really made it stellar.

Three of my really good friends and I decided one night that we wanted to throw a really awesome costume party for Halloween and invite lots of people. We wanted it to be EPIC. So naturally, we decided upon a roaring 20's theme party, speakeasy style with some murder involved and lots of fake booze. We wanted people to dress to the nines in 20's attire, and they did not disappoint!

luckily, we had access to the most perfect location for a party of this style. Our friends' mom has an actual bar from a real live bar in San Francisco installed in her house! It's totally legit and awesome.

When it all came together, we were thrilled. It turned out perfectly! We hardly had to buy anything. Together, we had enough glass bottles, candles and random knick-knacks to create that  speakeasy ambiance that we wanted. We had a bunch of 20's Jazz, low lighting and to top it off, we even found a fog machine to give the illusion of smoke. We had a drink menu posted, and people could order drinks and get them mixed right there at the bar. Seriously, it was awesome. Ashley and Alden came up with some perfect non-alcoholic twists on classic drink orders. What is it about acting like you are drinking is so fun? I don't know, but I'm telling you, I was totally in character.

We really wanted it to be like people were stepping into another era when they would walk through the door, and It worked! The whole night was so glamorous! My costume-loving, 20's obsessed heart loved every single second of it (also: my husband in a newsboy hat and suspenders? WHOA. Hott to the max. Like.....whoa. shivers.) ANYWAY! I'll let the million pictures do the rest of the talking.




Also, can we talk about how my mother in law helped me turn this crazy $10 Goodwill find into my amazing flapper dress? I mean seriously, she has crazy skills.

Thanks to this lovely couple, we had the perfect setting for a speakeasy. You guys are the best! 

One of the finer parts of the night was when we decided to take shots of Tabasco sauce and Ginger Ale.
And...ya. It was...just ya. Don't ever attempt it. See evidence below.

First the boys did it (and I apologize. I am so super loud and annoying in this. sorrrrryyyy):

and then the girls didn't want to be shown up. So we did it.

So ya, I'd say that our party was definitely the Bee's Knees.
The end.

ps: And the lovely Ashley Aikele took the really awesome good pictures and the rest are from my iphone. Thanks Ash!


  1. Perfect! Such a blast! I'm probably going refer everyone to you blog when I finally get around to posting it. You are awesome! Thanks again!

  2. Bee knees? ... I'd say this party was off the chain. Chains are so much more hardcore than bees knees. I mean, have you ever seen a bees knees? They are so TINY!!!! We rock. Lets party all the time, YES.



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