move over october


October is over, we're all very sad
but now it's November, and we can be glad!

November means turkey and eating and beards,
and all of our weight-gaining, huge-butting fears.

But remember how Halloween happened just barely?
with owls and spiders and other things scary?

With all this October-ness running about,
we took lots of pictures like ridiculous louts!

We took pictures of leaves and babies in hats,
some colorful socks and layers to match

We went to a party where Viv was Red Riding Hood
She was so damn cute I couldn't eat my food!

We went to a patch to find pumpkins to carve
and Viv sat on those pumpkins, as cute as Brett Favre.

She liked to eat stems and look as adorable as we've seen her
so we found her a baby pumpkin to chew on forever.

And what is October without pumpkin food?
Specifically, cookies with frosting are good.

And it just isn't proper for doors to stand there
without decorations or worries or cares

So jack-o-lanterns we made, with friends who are awesome
and I balanced one on my head, just to impress 'em.

But the best part of all the Octobers to date
was not the holiday activities we do by the freight.

T'was the part where some creative and really cool girls
decided to throw a party, with feathers and pearls

A decade party, with fake booze and decor
And sequins and flappers and a whole lot more.

The men all looked dapper and the ladies were smashing
There was murder to figure, and food for the noshing!

Ole' Gatsby himself would have been proud to attend
because, it really just was that awesome, the end.

And then as October drew to a close
Halloween came and so will this prose.

We ditched trick-or-treating and made caramel popcorn
Instead we stayed home and dressed up, not even forlorn.

We watched a movie and headed to bed,
So move over October, November's ahead.

*All photos from my instagram for #FestigramOct. Did you do it too?


  1. Ok.. I'm so freakin jeal of your 20's party. That looks like SO much fun!! You and Dale are the cutest couple eva!

  2. love the 20s costumes--you all look amazing!

    and love your family's costumes for halloween.

    ps i wish i had an owl candle.

  3. oh my goodness your baby is so beautiful! wow, cutest thing in the world. i hope my baby is as cute! just found out I'm pregnant and am due in june! :)

  4. How cute and clever are you? My favorite post ever! I'm trying to be a blogger again... Your cuteness motivated me, xo



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