freaking tyra banks and a hangover cure


Remember that one time I tried to join the ranks of the likes of this girl and this girl, and I instantly got upgraded to Tyra Banks model status?

Remember that one time they invited me to crash their fashion party with my awkward face, but I actually wasn't awkward, I was actually Tyra Banks?

Remember that one time I tried to be a fashion blogger and I was freaking Tyra Banks at it?

Ya. Me neither.

blazer// H&M
shirt//Forever 21
pants// H&M (similar)
loafers: Forever 21
necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Hope you're surviving your Halloween hangover! I've decided that my obnoxiously mustard blazer will be your nasty hangover drink cure.


A dash of obnoxious, a tiny bit of frizz hair, chop up some awkward poses to throw in the mix, and juuuuust a sprinkle of ghost-like whiteness. Stir it up with the stick of shame and guzzle it down while you pinch your nose.

You've got yourself a hangover cure.
I'm nothing if not helpful.

Ps: I really will be doing a few outfit posts here and there, in collaboration with my amazing old friend, and my amazing new friend. Check them out! They are the party outfits to my hangover outfits. Thanks for taking my pitcha girls!


  1. Holla!!! Look at you.... Wanna be on top?? You know the song. Modelness at its finest.

  2. Is it weird that I totally love the obnoxious mustard yellow blazer? Probably because I'm not hungover. Or because it's amazing. Who knows.

    I'm your newest follower!

  3. You have such good style. And you really are the prettiest.

  4. Soooooooooooo HAWT. loved this the mostest. or love all your outfits the mostest.



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