foxy fauxy leather


When I was younger, I didn't know that beaux was "bo"
or that faux was "fo"
or that Favre was "Farve"

And when I say younger, I mean last year.
Imagine me thinking, "why the hell do they call it a fox hawk?" because that's really what I was thinking.

So when I saw these faux leather leggings, I was like, "Dude. Are these made from a fox?"

hat: H&M // sweater: H&M // leggings: F21 // flats: F21 

And I'm not totally stupid. See my cleverness below.

Behold: the comparisons between a fox, and a pair of faux leather leggings
image via here
1. Foxes are famous for being unforgiving and unrelentless (right? I made that up)
As are these pants. On my cellulite. #photoshopforever

2. Also, foxes can squeeze through very tight spaces.
These pants? They are a tight space. And my butt is NOT a fox.

3. But, just as Fantastic Mr. Fox is always dressed so dashingly dapper, these leggings make me feel super fauxy, so I wear them no matter the repercussions.

So, if you find yourself looking for a nice pair of faux leather leggings because they make you feel fauxy, just make sure you buy a long baggy sweater to drown out the parts you want to drown out. 
Because that's how you catch a fox. Drown it (I think).

Have a fauxy Friday!


  1. Those leggings are fab! I'm on the hunt for a pair right now actually but I need to lose the rest of my baby weight first!

  2. i love that you have referenced fantastic mr. fox, because it might be one of my favorite films. :) and cute leggings

  3. Hey Elyse! I nominated you for a Leibster award. Check it out.

  4. haha love the leggings! sometime I have a jessica simpson moment and don't understand the words either!!

    Helene in Between

  5. love these leggings! cracking up over 'fox' :)

  6. I just found your blog through GBO, so glad I did!! My cousin just got those same F21 leggings and wore them on Thanksgiving and I was sooo jealous! Totally running out to go get them next week!! :)




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