a message from the universe


Let's play a game.

Go to your Pinterest account and type "Elyse Beard" into the search box and then look under "pins".

There I am, though I may be hard to recognize.
I've have had some work done recently.


Is it a message from the universe?
or my long lost twin?
or possibly my future self?

Either way, I'm pretty sure that someone is trying to torture my dark-complexioned, small-boobed, big-butted, baby-bellied, moderately-waisted, unsexy self with my goddess-like opposite.

Thank heavens for plastic surgery, right?

The only thing I do know for sure is that Dale pointed this out to me.
He says he discovered it as he was looking for my wishlist board whilst Christmas shopping.

and I'll just leave it at that.


  1. When I typed Elyse Beard this what came up...http://pinterest.com/pin/128211920611911672/

    Sexy tattooed slightly hairy bearded man. Your husband should have pointed him out to you instead. Eh?



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