writer wednesdays: superstitions


And the Halloween edition continues!
For the rest of October, we are doing Halloween-themed writing. All things scary, spooky, mysterious and haunted will be happening in writing club this month.

I hope you guys are all pumped about last week's prompt and are working on your story.

Our modern Halloween celebration is based on ancient superstitions. Jack-o-lanterns to ward away bad spirits, dressing up to fool demons that you are one of them and demonic black cats, spiders and bats indicate bad luck and any witches nearby.

Halloween was a time to celebrate the harvest, and honor the departed souls and those in purgatory. I love the history and origin of Halloween, and ultimately, I think it makes the holiday all the more creepy.

So, for this week's prompt:

Do you have a superstition? What is it, Why do you have it, and how do you follow it?

Remember! If you want to read or contribute to the writing group, comment or email me your address! If you would like to write the prompts on your blog, leave the link so we can read your work!

To see kind of what we do, you can read one of my essays here. Write with us! It's really fun!


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