writer wednesdays: cats


For the rest of October, we are doing Halloween-themed writing. All things scary, spooky, mysterious and haunted will be happening in writing club this month.


After finding this disturbing picture of myself, I am officially declaring this cat week, going down in history as the week that cats kept appearing in my life suddenly and without warning.

You should remember my encounters with cats here and here,

and they just keep popping up!

Like...really? I hate cats.
And I will never see the play CATS.
And I will never HAVE a cat. Or a kitten.
And I will never KISS a cat, ever.

Yesterday, we were carving pumpkins with a group and someone mentioned that they would just carve a cat.

and I was like NO CATS!

And then I was catching up on my blogs to read and found this site called Cat Bounce, where I could bounce cats against the walls as much as I wanted and didn't even feel bad about it. Look at these cats! They don't even know what hit them!

But really, that was like the 4th random thing this week solely centered around cats.

AND THEN, as I was deciding the writing prompt for this week, I opened my writing book, and it fell open to a prompt about cats. CATS!

The karma was just too much to ignore. I'm afraid that if I don't post this cat prompt this week, something dreadful will happen to me on Halloween involving cats, hairballs and claws. Like, maybe the crazy cat lady in my complex will sic all of her feral cats on me and my people.

So, without further adieu and to appease the cat gods, I am officially declaring the writing prompt this week as this:

You are a loser who lives alone with a cat and have for quite some time. One day your cat can't take it anymore and starts talking. What does it say?

Ok cat gods. Can you just leave me alone now?

ps: don't forget to keep working on your short story!

pps: Also, stories are now open to read online, even if you aren't participating in writing club! If you would like to read any essays that have been posted, click here.

UPDATE: my mom just sent me this picture. So ya.


  1. I hate cats, but I love throwback pictures. You made a pretty cute cat, but are you actually holding one? Ew. You should go wash your hands. :)

  2. This cat bounce contraption has me HOOKED. Its my new stress release. Figures that bouncing cats would do it for me...



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