Vivian: bottled


To Vivian Beard:

I love you more than chocolate, French bread, shopping and books. I love you more than Christmas and Hawaii and polka dots.

I love you more than my favorite song and the alfredo sauce from Olive Garden.

I love you more than all of the best things in the world.

I love this stage so much and wish you could stay like this forever. I wish I could keep your happy baby self in a bottle labeled "Vivian is the" and your laugh boxed up in a box labeled "the day maker". I wish I could capture that contagious, utterly adorable smile of yours in a pill labeled "the fix everythinger". And those beautiful big blue eyes of yours? Well I wish I could make a permanent match of the sky to your eyes so that everyone could see how beautiful they are every day. They are the perfect hue of rain and sparkle.

You are the best part of my days. I hope you can know someday how hard I love you. Please don't ever change!

Happy 7 months to you my happy darling girl!
They are the best in my life (minus the first 4....)


  1. Being a mom is just the best. She is beautiful!!

  2. What a cute 7 MONTH old! Wow that's crazy.



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