sometimes, cats help


You know, I really hate cats.

But when you're having a bad case of the Mondays in which you wish it was raining and gloomy so that your mood wouldn't feel so alone, and you put on all of your sad music, and you really just want to watch a really sad movie so you can cry your eyes out just because it will feel good and no one will judge you....

Well, when that happens and there's no reason for it, sometimes, cats help.

But only sometimes. I would say maybe 1% of the time, cats can help (unless you count the times that you run over cats, and then that would count as lifting your mood 50%).

My case of Mondays was just really wearing me down today.
but then, I saw an awesome cat, just chillin' on the sun-warmed sidewalk right by my door, staring at me. I laughed so hard and just sat there and looked at him looking at me. I laughed to myself so long that a little Asian man came out of his apartment and looked at me looking at the cat looking at me.

 And I thought to myself,
"Yes. That fat cat just turned my whole day around. Thank you cat. It's the only time I'll say that."

Then, I got into my house one minute later and realized that Vivian had pooped all the way UP HER WHITE SHIRT INTO HER HAIR. Like, it was all up her back.

And I thought to myself,
"Yup. If it wasn't for that fat cat, my day would have been a complete waste of time."

So, sometimes, cats help.

Only 1% of the time.

Ok. Maybe 2%. Because I also am in possession of this real live cat picture, taken by my mom of a cat that we used to have that would catch the mice...but then our dogs beheaded it. So long cat. You are in possession of the other 1% responsible for lifting my mood.

I hate Mondays.
But sometimes, cats help.


  1. I love that describes my mood some days!



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