Q&A sesh with the Vivinator


So guess what? We got a little tagalicious over here to do a little Q&A sesh...and even Vivian was invited! So, now you get to learn all of these things about us that you wish you'd never even known. But, we are that interesting.




what do you wish you were better at saying no to?

//Any and all sweets. I mean, I say I'm on a diet with no sugar allowed, and then there's this social function at church or whatever annnnd....I lose all willpower. Show me a salad and I can easily pass it up. But chocolate? Well, that's a different story. It's a major problem. If I could only just adopt Nancy Reagan's drug campaign slogan, and then mean it, I'd probably be 20 pounds lighter and my nickname wouldn't be JLO.

What do you love most about where you live?

//I love that I live just outside San Francisco. If I could afford it, I would be living IN San Francisco in a nifty little loft somewhere downtown. I love the city. The weather is perfect, the food is divine, and the people are so interesting. I am constantly inspired by the fashion and culture when I go.

Who would you nominate as person of the year and why?

//That's easy. Jack Shephard, because he always saves the day and is a sexy beast. Runners up would be Stephan Salvatore and Owen Hunt, because they also always save the day and are the loves of my life. And while I'm at it, I'll tack on Don Draper to the list, because I want to marry him. And all of those reasons qualify these four outstandingly fine specimens to be People of the Year. (And if you don't know who these four men are....kick yourself. And then look it up. What kind of American are you?!)

What makes your skin crawl?

//Spiders and snakes top that list. ugh. I got the shivers just thinking about them. The other day, one of my friends said that sometimes she questions if there is a divine being because of the existence of spiders. Seriously. Do they need to be here, with their little crawly legs and buggy eyes and the way they scurry everywhere? I'm with Ron Weasley on this one. Spiders belong in the Dark Forest with Lord Voldy and snakes belong in the sewer with Tom Riddle.

What was your first job?

//I worked at my uncle's Snowie, making delicious snow cones. We were in major competition with the neighboring Sno Shack, who always had a long line of customers. And I always looked over longingly, sipping my 10th flavor combo of the day and melting into a pool of boredom as I waited for the customers to realize that our snow was better, dang it!

Name your top three restaurants.

// Geez. this is hard, because I seriously LOVE food. Like, want to marry all the food everywhere. But, I would have to say that my three favorite restaurants right now are as follows: Zachary's deep dish pizza (it is the best pizza you'll ever have...so maybe you should come visit me and see for yourself!), Fenton's Creamery (best curly fries you'll ever have. And the ice cream is famous.), aaaaannnnnd....Samuri 21, hibachi style in St. George. You should also know that my standing favorite that doesn't need to be mentioned and should just be assumed is Cafe Rio. Obviously.

Would you rather age forwards or backwards from this point forward?

//Definitely not forward. I am not excited to get old. I sure would love to go back to being a kid though. Those were the days. Allowance? Hell ya.

How do you measure success?

//Hmmm....well, any day I make it to the gym is a very successful day. If I make it into my workout clothes, but don't quite make the gym, I'd say it's an almost successful day. And If I end up staying in my pajamas, I measure success by how many Mad Men episodes I can watch that day. So, I've basically made it so that I can be successful every day in some way. Healthy, right?

Describe yourself in three words:

//funny, awkward, outgoing

What is the very best smelling perfume?

//Dude. Abercrombie 8 takes the cake.

Do you prefer to read, write or run in your spare time?

//What would possess someone to run in their spare time? On a serious note, it's a toss up between reading and writing.

Ok Viv. Take it away.

What do you wish you were better at saying no to?

::um....laying down. My mom tries to lay me down anywhere, and I'm like noooooo! I strain my head and keep myself up on my elbows as long as I can. Alas, my willpower is strong but my muscles are weak. It's only a matter of time before I teach my stupid legs to crawl....and then! mwahahaha.

What do you love most about where you live?

::Well, basically there are a ton of huge mirrors where I live...and let's be honest, I'm a pretty cute kid. So I like to look at myself and kiss myself. And I do it all. the. time. 

Who would you nominate as person of the year and why?

:: My dad, of course. He gives me tastes of ice cream and chocolate and all of this stuff that my mom never does. And he's crazy. And he does whatever I want. It's an agreement of sorts that we have. He gives me whatever I want, and I smile at him more than I do at mom. 

What was your first job?

::Well, I was pretty much given this special assignment to poop on my mom right when I breathed in this nasty stuff they call air. So, I did. Right when I breathed in, I pooped out. Life started out right. Me: 1   Mom: 0

Name your top three restaurants:

:: that one pizza place because I get crusts to suck on, that one mexican place because I get tastes of this delicious green stuff, and that one other place because I always get to drool in my mom's water cup and taste ice cream.

Would you rather age forward or backwards from this point on?

::Duh. Forwards. I have some major walkage to do around this place. Things to ruin...bugs to eat...toys to flush... A girl's got dreams, you know?

How do you measure success?

::When I'm put down for a nap, if I cry annoyingly enough for long enough, my mom gives up and comes to get me out of that cage they call a crib. That, my friends, is success at it's finest.  I'm noticing a trend here. Do I always win?

Describe yourself in three words:

::Cheesy hamball extraordinaire. 

What is the very best smelling perfume?
::mmmmmmm.....mom's hair. It smells even better when I put it in my mouth.

Do you prefer to read, write or run in your spare time?

::RUN. I run this mutha like nobody's business. Bam.

And there you have it, straight from the mouth of babes.

 I don't love tagging people, but would love if you guys wanted to answer these same questions on your own blogs! If you do, leave a comment and a link so I can read them!


  1. I love you even more that you love Stephan too! He is so smokin!!!!



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