6 months going on 2 years


Well, we have a 6 month old, people.

.5 years old.

Officially a toddler. Or something.

I just think that because her attitude tells me so. Pretty sure this 6 month old diva was born with 2 year old fiesty-ness.

In other news:

Over here, we're getting 10+ hours of sleep every night...because she sleeps through the night consistently. it's amazing what a full night of sleep will do for you. Like...people think have stopped asking me if the zombie apocalypse is upon us because I stopped looking like one.

She's slowly learning to crawl...which means she can hold herself up in this position. For 2 seconds. And then she's back to flipping herself over because she hates her stomach. I don't think she'll ever crawl, the little stubborn thing.

 Also, her bald spot is NOT that big. This picture distorts reality to the fullest.

She is officially the most smiley, cheeseball face of a baby I've ever met. I have never seen a baby that smiles more than she does. She will smile at anyone! And most of the time, it's the cheesiest, gummiest grin, complete with scrunched up eyes and a wrinkled nose. Gosh it's cute.

Speaking of cute things, did you know that just last week was "national speak like a pirate day"? Krispy Kreme decided that if you came in and talked like a pirate, they would give you a free doughnut. But if you dressed like a pirate, you got a whole box. A WHOLE BOX! 

And because doughnuts are the best thing ever invented, and my friends are hilarious, we found out about this wonderful gem of opportunity and dressed ourselves to the nines. As pirates. And went out in public.

not pictured: their cute kids in bandanas and stripey shirts. I love free food and cute friends with their cute kids.

Speaking of food:

An uncountable amount of rolls are happening due to the insane amount of food this girl is consuming. We can't even eat in front of her anymore without her demanding that we feed her some of it.

And the funniest thing: she loves to drink water out of my cup. Bottles? Screw that. This girl wants a GLASS, with ice water and lemon, please.

Finally, on Viv's 6 month mark of life, we decided to celebrate by eating pizza at the park while she sat there, chewed on her keys and watched us.  It was a pretty good day to be a 6 month old.

In the next six months....well, i'm sure that my life will be infinitely different than it is right now.

Bring it on Viv!

Also...if any of you were wondering....you should just skip the newborn stage and go right to six months. it's infinitely better.


  1. Ok 1. i love your writing style 2. Viv is ADORABLE and 3. i completely agree with you on the whole skip the newborn phase! I thought i was the only one who wasn't fond of the whole 'helpless baby, sleep all day, awake all night' thing. My little boy is almost 4 months but i love him so much more and actually want to plaaay with him all day. (horrible to say?lol) but the newborn phase was sort of boring and completely exhausting- but i loved it non the less :)

  2. Happy half birthday Viv! Now come home already. I want to babysit that girl ASAP. Also the picture of her with Dales hat on.... looks straight up like a mini Dale. haha. And the last picture of you and her laying on the blanket..luvvv it! Its one that she will look back on and say, my mom was SO pretty!

  3. Its true, you do look really pretty! I just love her. Are you still in town? If so, we should all get together for din din?!

  4. 6 Months? She's adorable and the best dressed little gal in town. Takes after her momma! Can't wait to watch her grow up.

  5. Pretty sure my kids look back at their mom and think she looked pretty weird. Maybe Viv will be nicer to you ;/. I think you are beautiful so that's what counts. Miss you both already!

  6. Don't fret the crawling, my son was 10 MONTHS!!! Stubborn kid.



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