Writer Wednesdays: week one and a serial killer


ok you guys.

Week one was pathetic. Just sayin'. 
As of right now, there's only been one person to post, and it's really good! And I've posted too.
But, that's ok. This is optional, remember?

Just a few items of business:

-You do need to email me your address if you want to be included in the group (either to contribute or view work). 

-You can view our writing group herebut you have to be invited by me to post and view content.

-If you wanted to buy the book I'm getting ideas from, it's available here. If you have ideas for prompts, leave a comment or email them to me! I love ideas!

-Whenever you get done with your essay, post it to the group, or your blog! We want to read it! Hopefully, most essays come in before the next Wednesday, when I will usually be posting a new writing prompt. So get those things in!

-I realized that this is harder than I thought it was going to be. I seriously put off this writing assignment until Monday night because let's face it: if there's something to procrastinate, you better believe I'll procrastinate. With that in mind, I realize that sometimes, this just isn't going to sound fun at all. So, don't feel pressure to contribute. Just know that it's there if you're feelin' it. (but please, someone post something. please!!)

-And finally: this is a creative prompt! You can make your essay fact, fiction, or even just a list of ideas or words. It can be something that happened to you personally, or something that came straight out of your imagination. You can do poetry or the beginning of a story or something completely different! This is up to you. I just wanted to light a fire, and you do the burning. There are no limits.


I was really excited for last week's prompt. I had a lot of pictures that came to mind when deciding what to write about. In the end, I am always drawn to the older, finer times of the world. Namely: when my grandparents were young. I get a bit nostalgic and always wish that I had been born back then. I had my aunt email me a few pictures of my grandma and grandpa when they were younger, and I decided on this picture here:

This is on their wedding day. There is such a funny story behind this picture that includes my straight-laced, by-the-book grandma who wore a black wedding dress on her wedding day. The irony kills me every time. 

For my essay, I cheated a little bit. I decided to call my grandma and get a little bit of back story to this photo, so that I could use some fact in my depiction of their wedding day. I'm calling it my genealogy work for the month. Sue me.

So now....drumroll......

This week's prompt is going to be completely different. And funny. And weird.

You are a serial killer. What TV shows are on your DVR list? Why?


What to you guys think of writing club so far? Any suggestions? Things you hate? Things you would change?


  1. So....I e-mailed you with my e-mail address last week! I never got invited to the group. Feeling a little jipped.

  2. I like your writing group idea. I am not a great writer at all, but I love reading your stories, you crack me up...and make me cry! Your friend who posted made me cry too. Her story is so true. I'd love to be a part of the group only to read if that's acceptable. shauntel122@hotmail.com

    As a sidenote I read a good book called the Killing League. It's about a group of serial killers. It's fiction and kind of a different read. I enjoyed it, maybe I'm morbid.

  3. I loved that you used an old picture. I wish I could have been to both of my grandparents weddings. I would have loved to watch them interact...I imagine it black and white in my head.

  4. Hey! You have slowly inspired me Elyse.. Now I'm not saying I will write all the time, but I definitely want to give it a shot every now and then!! I feel like my Mom brain is slowly turning to mush and it would be great to really "think" every now and then! Sign me up!!!


  5. So this is really random I haven't really seen or talked to you in over like 7 years sense my family moved from cedar but I just came across your blog and I have to say from the few post I read I love your blog! haha you make me laugh and I really like how real you are. I would like to be a part of your writing club if thats alright. I too fell like my mom brain is turning to mush and I think it would be fun. dawnann@live.com



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