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I wasn't expecting so many people to be willing to try this whole writing thing! I am so excited!

So welcome to Writer Wednesdays!
I think we're gonna have some fun with this.

I've had a few hang ups on how to go about sharing/reading/commenting on each other's work...But I found this thing called Google Groups. Basically, it is an email/forum chain where people can post questions and upload documents, and people that have been invited to the group can discuss them. Right now, I think this is the best option. Our Google Groups is called Beard Writing Group (original, eh?).

So here's what's gonna happen:

1. Email me with your email address so that I can invite you into the group.

2. As soon as you are invited into the group, you can begin posting. Here's a quick tutorial on that:
(sidenote: as far as I know, you don't have to have a gmail address to be granted access, just a google account.)

Easy enough huh?

To view other people's work, just click on their feed and download the document they posted.

This isn't exactly ideal, but it will work for now.
I've been out of school for a while now, so if any of you have better ideas or experience with something else, please let me know. I would love to make this more user-friendly!

A few disclaimers before we officially get started:

1. Unfortunately, I couldn't make this be anonymous. If you want to participate but are afraid to put your name out there, an option could be to just email ME your essay, and I'll post it under my name. That way, no one will know that it's yours, except me. I'll keep your secret safe :)

2. I want this to be a positive, creative outlet. If I see ANYONE being critical or mean or unsupportive, I'll kick you out of the group. (I have the pooooowwwwerrrrr). But really. Please be nice. Let's keep this fun. If someone asks for your opinion, give it constructively and tactfully. 

3. Depending on the depth of the prompt, I'll be posting new prompts every week or every other week as needed. Please don't feel obligated to do this. I just want it to be fun. If you're not feeling the particular prompt for that week, take a break and check back later. 

4. Every Wednesday, I will be posting some of my own work, or someone else's work that I think is brilliant or funny or cool (with your permission of course). Showcasing those hidden talents is definitely a must. 

5. And finally: LINK UP! Bring your friends and spread the word! You never know if this could be something that you really are awesome at.


Find a photograph. Write the story of what's happening outside the frame.

Have fun with it! I think this could be cool. I'm excited!

Leave me your email in the comments or email me here:


  1. This is such a great idea :) Way to bust people out of their comfort zones!

  2. Ooooo....here's the chance to see if a Literature degree translates into creativity! Lol.


  3. If there is a prompt I could possibly sound educated about...I'm in! Haha no writing skills-AT ALL! But what the heck? janelle.mcrae.24@gmail.com



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