family pictures: two gingers and the stink eye


Back in July, we went to Utah for a family reunion.

While we were there, my very talented cousin Suzy of Jack & Jill Photography offered to snap some pictures of us while we were there, and I tell you what, I jumped on her offer.

She really is so talented, PLUS I never get to see her anymore, PLUS she's hilarious. 
win win win!

And although these family pictures turned out amazing (proof of talented photographer), behind the scenes...I'd say it's a miracle we got these.

It was super windy.
It started raining.
Vivian refused to smile, therefore resulting in her classic stink eye for most of the pictures--though, I guess we captured her personality pretty well. She is a little fireball, that one.

And then, all of a sudden I had to pee. And I think I basically peed my pants (skirt?) because we were 10 minutes away from home, and I was surrounded by water. And I just had a baby. That's a terrible combination right there. (Do you know how many peeing my pants stories I have? Ugh.)

Also: Dale is the most awkward poser and smiler ever. 

Regardless, they are perfect and I love them. I think it's safe to unbiasedly say my little family is the cutest in existence. And although I really tried hard to change this, my daughter is a ginger through and through. These pictures are proof.

Stink eye central

 This picture cracks me up. Vivian staring at the ducks on the ground, and Dale and I intermittently trying to get her to look at the camera and smile, while smiling at the same time ourselves. Basically, Dale is half smiling, half talking to Viv and he has spit up on his shirt. 
This picture defines our crazy life.

 she seriously has him wrapped around her tiny fingers. It's so sweet to see them together.

And Viv's face in this picture: priceless.

Thank you so much Suzy! I love them so much!

Have any of you guys every peed your pants? I'll save my most prevalent peeing pants story for another day. It's a good one. 


  1. Love love love the pixs and the people in them. Can't we just watch bachelor in our jammes again?!?

  2. Gah! I totally had a baby 3 months ago and feel your pain (wetness??) when i have to go I HAVE TO GO! Im thinking about bringing Depends back in style- if they ever were in style to begin with..

  3. Gorgeous pictures Elyse! I love, love Daybreak and miss it so much. Such a fun place to take pictures.

  4. Those Beards are so hot right now.

  5. Look who's talking with the beautiful family pics!! I'm dying over how adorable little V is... And you are looking amazing...

  6. P.S. The fact that Vivian is only months old in these pictures yet you look THAT good is impressive...and annoying. Impressive and annoying.

  7. Such a beautiful family you have! and what a wonderful photographer, I really like the style! and seriously, you are all dressed so cute, does that little blue skirt come in my size!?

  8. Just had my baby four days ago.. I seriously can't count how many times i've peed my pants. Good thing I went out and got my good ol depends. I wish I can wear them forever.

  9. Such cute pictures. Suzy certainly is talented. And yes, I've peed my pants and obviously dont have kids. So don't feel too bad, haha.

  10. You will never jump on a trampoline again.



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