fall style: part one


It's been chilly a few days here in NorCal, and although I hate being cold, the yearning for fall and cold weather is creeping up on me.

I get antsy for soup and crunchy leaves and layers.

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting some of my finds and favorite fashions for this coming season. 

Most of them are on my wishlist for Christmas/birthday/just because I'm awesome.
(dale, are you reading this?)

So. For part one:

Normally, my go to uniform for dreary fall days is leggings, a big comfy sweater, messy hair and boots. 

I tried on that UO jacket the other day, and it is BY FAR the most comfortable thing I have worn in a long time. I'm thinking if I can convince Dale to buy it for me, it would take place of my nasty baggy mom sweaters. I could wear it all day. In my underwear (don't picture that.) (or if your Dale, do).

Bring on the fall-ness!

found here:


  1. wow, that 'sorry i'm late' tee is mega great. story of my life.



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