fall fashion: part three


This fall, deep, jewel tones are where it's at. Emeralds, dark plums, berry, and browns are rich and beautiful together. I think they compliment a lot of different skin tones and hair color too, so that's a bonus!

So far, I think that a deep emerald green and camel is my favorite color pairing for this season, and that in a maxi skirt? Well, I think I could die happy now, thank you very much.

Found here:

What are your favorite color pairings this fall?


  1. You are so fashion savvy.... I swear. Love the emerald and camel pairing, especially when I saw it in person on Sunday. It suits you well. I've fallen pretty hard for burgundy. Which is funny because I've always HATED maroon. They are different colors I tell myself. Love these fashion posts. Keep um coming.



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