Ok....I have this crazy idea.

And I'm really afraid to throw it out there, because I'm really afraid that I will get zero response. And that would be totally embarrassing.

Something I've always always loved to do, even since I was a little girl, is write. I have kept a journal since I was in first grade, I used to write stories when I was younger, and my ultimate dream was to someday write a book and be an author. I am obsessed with books and reading and characters and everything English. My favorite subject in school has always been English or Reading.

Anyway, you get the point. I love writing. Most of it is due to the teachers I've had in the past that shared their love of books and knowledge and writing with me. And a lot of it is due to my mom and aunt who both instilled a passion for reading and thinking outside the box.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm an English guru and I'm not saying that I'm even close to a good writer.  But after you are out of school, there's not a lot of creative ways to write. There's not homework assignments and writing prompts and other creative minds to bounce ideas off of and consider their perspective and ideas. I really miss that.

So, the other day, I was shopping at Urban Outfitters. Just browsing....and no matter how cute the clothes are in that store, I am inevitably drawn to the book section, because they always have the most interesting books/journals/workbooks/etc.

So I'm browsing. And underneath a pile of That's What She Said joke books, I saw a book. I am not kidding when I say my heart skipped a beat and I smiled because it was the exact answer to what I've been looking for in my life. It was a book called 642 Things to Write About, and it was perfect.

To my writing mind, I felt like I hit the goldmine. The prompts were perfect. Some simple, some complex. Some with potential to really funny, or stupid, or dark. Prompts that would help you push limits, or just write down thoughts as they come. This is what I have been looking for. I bought it without hesitation, and ever since, It's been sitting on my elephant coffee table with a newly sharpened pencil by it. I look through it every day and let my imagination go wild. I haven't sat down to write in it yet because I'm savoring each story and thinking of the perfect ways to finish each prompt.

So today, I was thinking, and it was just this weird idea that came out of nowhere, but I'm running with it, because the more I think about it, the more this idea is sticking. And it's getting my pulse racing and I'm getting sweaty because I'm still really embarrassed to even mention it.

Whatever. Here goes.

I was wondering....
Would anyone be interested in an (online) writing club (like a book club but not)?

If I posted a prompt here each week (or something), would anyone write it out and link up somewhere?  I would love to read what people come up with and discuss it. I have a few other ideas of how to make this happen, but I really honestly and truly want to know if anyone would actually really want to do this.

So...would you?

Would any of you like to do this with me?

girl, boy, young, old....anyone?

If not, no pressure. I won't feel bad. Writing isn't everyone's thing. Even if you don't think you are a good writer, I don't really think it matters. Everyone has good ideas. Everyone is creative in their own way. I would LOVE to have some kind of group that discusses and writes and creates, and maybe even critiques. I don't know what it is about spilling your heart and soul onto paper that is embarrassing, but sometimes it is! So we could even leave it anonymous if you wanted. It would really challenge me each week. There would be deadlines and other creative minds and something to look forward to and think about. (and as a sidenote...these prompts aren't going to be stupid prompts like "name your favorite food". They are going to be COOL, ok?!?)

So, I'll leave it at that and give more information later if people are into this.


I'll put a poll up on the top of my blog so you can vote without feeling obligated. So VOTE! Even if you don't want to be in the group, just vote anyway. I'm interested to see what happens.

And If you're really into it....leave a comment.

For some reason, I'm just so excited about this.
It may be because I just ate 3 brownies. Tomorrow I might look at this and cringe in embarrassment.

BUT, here goes.

Pushing publish.



  1. Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. I'm in!

  2. I think I would really enjoy something like this.

  3. Umm... Yes!! How fun. I totally suck at writing. But what the hell! :)

  4. There are many times when I feel like writing, but lack the inspiration of what to write about, so this would be perfect!
    Count me in!

    [And I had the same childhood aspiration to have something I wrote published!]

    And thank you for the inspiration for a gift for my sister's upcoming birthday. She likes to throw in a little "that's what she said" into conversations, every now and then. So she'd probably get a good laugh from the book. ;)

  5. Me too! What a great idea! I need something to save me from all these kids.

  6. I would totally do it. I lack adult communication most of the time anyway, and I don't really know if I am a good writer or not, but I loove to find out. even if not...what the hell (as previously mentioned)

  7. Can't wait to read what everyone writes

  8. I'm in...kind of like the anonymous idea...I'm scared.

  9. I'm in...kind of like the anonymous idea...I'm scared.

  10. I'm in for the reading part.

  11. I'm totally in! This is a great idea.



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