a summer recap that's too long


Wow. It's been a while.

My summer has been pretty dang awesome.

Between running around like crazy and finally getting a handle on this whole mom thing, I've let this bloggity blog fall to the wayside, and it felt nice, not gonna lie.

Most of my life has been instagrammed this summer (here, @elysebeard), which I feel like is slowly taking over my blog life....it's a situation.

Either way, I haven't felt inspired or funny or anything that I could justify putting up here on the internetz, but for the sake of posterity or something, here's a quick recap of our summer (which is far from over, by the way). And even though it's too long for comfort, let's just get it over with, alright?

It was a big one.

It was viv's first one.

And it was fuuuuuuuun.

("that's what she said" could be applied to all of the above.)

We took a camping trip with friends, which went surprisingly well, considering all the girls slept together and we almost got eaten by a mountain lion and sprayed by a skunk.

We had a big 4th of july bbq/swim party to celebrate the holiday with friends, and watched fireworks all snuggled up in blankets. I loved this day (Happy conception day, Vivian!) (mwahaha).

We hit up a couple baseball games this summer too. First the Oakland A's, Vivian's first baseball game (you better believe Dale was proud of this). She did surprisingly well, considering the loud crowd and the posse of biker grandpas behind us offering to hold her. When it was time for bed, we made her a little bed of blankets in a bleacher seat, and she snoozed away.

Then a Giant's game when my sister came to visit. They even give babies certificates to remember their first ever baseball game! (And you better believe Dale got one of those too).

My SIL Jannah came to visit, and we had some awesome cousin time, made creme brulee, and watched the boys arm wrestle.

One of my favorite things this summer was having a prego birthday party for one of our cute friends. Since she was pregnant and sick of it, we just decided that we would ALL be pregnant for dinner to make her feel better. So...we did! We dressed up in our best pregnant bellies and went out to dinner. Oh, the stares. You wouldn't believe.

It turns out that most of our friends really ARE pregnant...but hey, I sure liked looking extremely pregnant and fitting into normal pants at the same time.

There was the annual family reunion at Bear Lake, jet skis, raspberry shakes from La Beau's, fun games, and cute cousins included.

And then a little Montana wedding that also served as a family reunion. The wedding was beautiful, the food was good, dressing up was fun, the drunk people were funny to watch, and there were a lot of cakes. And I mean A LOT. We had so much fun with cousins and my in laws, AND I got to drool over Dale in a tux. Win win win.

Then my sister came to visit. And we partied it up by getting a lot of big pizzas and running around the city. It was epic.

Other randomness includes trying Chick-fil-a for the first time, drooling over Christian Bale as Batman, getting my hairs cut, and producing the cutest Krispy Kreme poster child on the planet.

Somewhere in all this summer craziness, Viv turned 4 months old, and then 5 months old, has rolled over a couple times deliberately while I wasn't watching, started eating mush, was allergic, so we skipped it and went straight to carrots, slept through the night for TWO nights in a row, and then decided it wasn't for her, started putting on some weight, sprouted even LONGER pigtails, got her first haircut, loves books, WILL FALL ASLEEP ON HER OWN HALLELUJAH ANGELS ARE SINGING, still loves being outside, still hates being on her stomach, DOESN'T CRY IN THE CAR ANYMORE HALLELUJAH ANGELS ARE SINGING, can almost sit up, still loves to stand, and has started making out with herself in the mirror. I hope that's not a sign of what's to come.


Things will start getting more regular around here. Life is back to normal, and I feel back to my old self. I've missed my old self, and it feels so good.  It's funny how people promise you that it WILL get better, but you don't believe them in the slightest until it does.

So goodbye to the 4 months of my life that was hell, and hello to the summer that made it better because Viv grew up.

Whew! If you're reading this, then you win a gold star, because you made it through the most boring post in the history of the world. You go, Glen Coco. 


  1. False that was the best post! I've missed you on blog land. I love your summer and all the cute pictures. Call you soon. Keep posting please!!!=)

  2. Does that mean it's time to get pregnant again?

  3. I've missed your blogging. Hooray for it getting better! The best part is that it will keep getting better. Meanwhile, Viv continues to be edible. How do you not bite her every day?

  4. Loved the post! Looks like you had a blast this summer! Viv is SO DANG CUTE! Glad you are feeling yourself again! You are a great mom and you look absolutely gorgeous! Keep on keepin on with this blog. I need to keep up on the beard happenings. Haha

  5. Glad you're back to blogging. I've really missed it. This post made me laugh right out loud three times! Kisses to that baby. Gramma misses you!

  6. I totally know what you mean about the worst being over and feeling like yourself again. Yay for that!!

  7. Loved this post! It reminded me that we actually did hang out this summer. I forgot about all our fun. So glad you are posting again and that you are feeling more you :)



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