talking to the blog like it's real.


Dear blog:

It's been nearly 3 weeks. Do you even miss me? Have you even noticed my absence?
Do you even remember what I look like? 
You biotch.
Here's a picture.

Remember now?

Honestly...I don't care about you. Sure, I've missed you, but when you don't have anything to say, you don't have anything to say. 

You feel me?

Don't look at me like that. Seriously. You had to see this coming.

Maybe you should be more inspiring? Just a thought.
Lately, you make me do this:

In my absence, I have done nothing of interest, except maybe watch Grey's Anatomy and fall in love with Owen Hunt, the trauma surgeon. 

(I'll agree with you that it's a weird attraction. But you should see him in the make-out scenes. Also, he's a ginger, and he reminds me of that guy named Dale that happens to be my husband.)

Oh ya. I almost got eaten by a mountain lion while camping. But I suppose that's inconsequential information. You don't care, remember?

also, my baby has something she wants to say to you. Please don't be offended:

Consider this my cold shoulder. I hope I'll get over it tomorrow, and possibly share with you a divine guacamole recipe that is from the gods. If you are nice, and apologize, and tell me something really awesome to talk to you about. 

What it really comes down to? You are just....BLAH. 

But it's not you. It's me.

I'll give you one more chance.
Date tomorrow?
Shall we say....noon?

Raise your hand if you're in.

I'll bring the guac if you bring the chips and conversation ideas.

Sincerely and forever, 



  1. Dear Elyse,
    I've missed you. and I can't wait for your guac recipe.
    P.S. Your baby is adorable.

  2. Yay! I've missed your posts! I hope you and your blog make up and make out because my blog feed is SOOO BORING with out any posts from you.

  3. I've missed your blog, for sure! Miss Vivian is reaching for her toy, I like to think Emmy showed her how to do that :) I've made the guac 3 times now, Devin is in love. Can't wait to see what other posts you have up your sleeve...

  4. In LOVE with the sunglasses/lipstick/head wrap combo. So very cute. Where's the lipstick from?

  5. P.s..... I, too, love dear Owen.... Except for I feel like you might not be currently up to date on episodes cause he gets to a point where e did something that made him less desirable.... Ugh..... Owen......



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