Vivian, Viv, the vivanator, vivster, the viv. vivski, little miss viv, honey bear, sweetheart

3 months

Finger sucker, drool extraordinaire. Hand studier. People lover. A force to be reckoned with unless being outside is involved. Nudist at heart. lover of mirrors. owner of precisely two ankle rolls, 3-inch hair, and the prettiest blue eyes you'll ever see. Pigtails are a new thing. Pouty lips are an old thing. collector of lint in creases of fingers and neck meat. enjoys pina coladas a nice bottle of milk and long walks in the stroller.



Bored quickly. Talking machine. Perfected milk drunk face. A smile big enough to swallow the sun. high pitched screams that bring in the dogs. Standing up or sitting required. bats and grabs. Aware of everything. Constant movement is required, as is an outward facing position. No exceptions. Or else.


Hater of tummy time and that dreaded, horrible, terrible car seat in which she will scream until she chokes, and stops as soon as you take her out of the car.

Little girl, 
this has been the longest three months of my life. You are the owner of some of the worst moments, and some of the best moments in my life. 

Good news is, it's only getting better.
We love you, little darling.


  1. Oh no she's growing up! She is darling! I can't stand being so far away! It's physically painful

  2. I feel the exact same way. My arms ache :(

  3. She is seriously so cute! I am JEALOUS that you get to do her hair. It's so funny how similar Millie and Viv are. I think they would be great friends. haha She is darling Elyse! I wish I could hold that cutie. It's so funny but sometimes you just have to take it day by day the first few months...SO worth it (as you know) Happy 3 months viv!

  4. LOve, Love, LOve this post! How cute is she!

  5. Happy 3 months Vivski! We sure love you :)

  6. Can't wait to see her!! Little baby pigtails are my favorite thing!



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