I'm laying in a hotel bed contemplating life and the heavy things that happen in it. The whys, the hows. The coincidences and heartaches. The things that build you and the things that break you.

As I lie in that hotel bed in a dimly lit room, studying the face of my sleeping baby and listening to her snore, I came upon a realization that is precisely this:

Our lives are made up of moments.

One second on an endlessly ticking clock is all it takes. A suspended increment that can change our lives forever. Moments that we can never take back, never forget and that change us in ways that make it impossible to be the person we were before.

The second has the power to transform us, morph the life we thought we knew and loved and understood and expected and planned. The second takes all of that stability and morphs it into a desperately wasted wasteland of change and raw newness.

One moment.

Think about the events in your life that have changed you, for good or bad, the hard and the exciting, whether you were aware of it at the time it happened or not.

How long did these moments really take? Im not asking how long the realization of said event took to sink in. But how long did it take for that line to be drawn between the before and the after?

I think back on my life at some of the moments that have morphed me.

The moment I texted yes to an invitation to watch a baseball game with a crush

The split second it took for me to say yes to my sweet husband on one knee in a restaurant.

The moment my mom told us they were getting divorced.

The phone call that confirmed our move to California.

The moment when that second pink line appeared.

That infinitely long second when I first saw a tiny, scrunched up face come out of my body and I became a mother.

The second it took to be completely and endlessly bound to Dale for eternity.

And then there are moments I'd rather not experience ever. Dreaded phone calls and answers confirming sickness or death of loved ones. Lies and deceit and years of trust and love down the drain. Hope tested, faith tried. Sadness and heartache. Mistakes. Love. Forgiveness.

These are the moments. And when you are faced with the moments that could change you, what matters is what you do with them.

I, for one, am reminded when sad moments happen to friends and family and acquaintances , that it is my duty to cherish the moments that happen in my life. Hold dear every single one. Be patient with a crying baby a little longer, hold hands more often, kiss a lot, smile more and always say I love you. Take a second. Just hold on to the moments.

Because one second is all it takes
to change your life.


  1. Um first of all...amazing post. Everyone needs to be reminded of this. I have been thinking a lot about how little moments change your life and usually have the biggest impact and make us who we are. Second of are going to win a Puilitzer (I think that's how you spell it. haha) one day girl! Thanks for starting my day off with a good read. Love ya!

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  3. Perfectly said. This is exactly what I've been needing to hear. Thanks!

  4. This is perfect. Thank you. p.s. can we hang out some time so I can meet your baby and we can be depressed about the lack of Vindie in our lives together.

  5. I love this post. Mostly cause I have a close friend going through a rather difficult divorce right now brought on by deceit, lies, etc.... It is awful to see and it definitely has made me cherish my relationships and my life.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Lovely Elyse! Very well said and just what I needed to hear as well.

  7. Elyse you are amazing. Love your post(s). Janelle said you are a great writer and totally agreed! Ps. You are such a cute momma:)

  8. one of my very favorite moments will always be the one where you guys came to my house for the very first time when i was like 0 weeks pregnant with Alice and Dale asked when we were gonna have more kids (or however he asked it). it was the beginning of one of our favorite friendships with one of our favorite couples! love you guys- and am freakin' ready for you to come home already. are you considering moving back to Utah or what? what's so great about that place anyway? (said with jealous, heavy heart, wondering when i'll ever get to go back). hug!



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