three whole years.


Happy three years of marriage-ness to us!

When you hit three years, you start forgetting how many years it has really been.
You kind of forget the actual date of your anniversary.

And as Dale likes to say lately:
"It's only been three years?! It feels like a hell of a lot longer than that."

Thank you?

Three years is a hell of a long time. But whatever.

So far today we've eaten breakfast at our favorite diner, bought ourselves an anniversary present (him: study material. Me: HOT PINK PANTS. yes. I did.), fed the baby (times a million), and now I'm sitting in my underwear and a robe by my heater because I feel like it. 
I suppose tonight we will drop off a cranky baby to one of our saintly friends and eat dinner at a gross Mexican place.

Oh, the life.
I know you're jealous.

So remember my last anniversary post, I told you guys a funny story about how I went all Bridezilla on Dale's A on our wedding day because he ruined something of mine on accident?

Today I'll tell you another funny story.

We were late to our luncheon.
And everyone clapped.

It was partly because of what you are thinking, and partly not.
But we practically got a standing ovation for it. 
Good times.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat some ice cream now and cuddle with my two favorite people.
Enjoy my bridal/engagement pictures.
We used to be totally hott.

 Photoshop looks good on us.


  1. i am laughing so hard at your story. you must have a pretty funny family.

  2. Wait... I don't get it. Why did they clap?

    1. Come on now ash. Bow chicka bow wow

  3. haha totally remember the clapping. And you tore your dress. But hey, I think Moms are so much hotter than what we use to be. Congrats on 3 years! loves. ps you look totally sexy in the hot pink pants! :)

  4. I was right!
    I knew that is why you were late!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Ya you don't know me but some how I bloghopped {aka: blogstocked} my way to your blog. Just droppin a shout out to your lasting nuptials.

    Eternity or bust!

  6. The last three years have gone by way too fast.
    You guys are great. :)



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