Remember this post where I was basically a crazy person and freaked the heck out?

I was at a low point. F words in my head, hitting and kicking things, about to give my baby to the Indians low point.

I hope it doesn't get that bad again, but I'm sure it will.

BUT: we figured out what was wrong with the little babe, and things are going smoother.

So basically, now that I'm sane again, I just wanted to say thank you.

THANK YOU for your kind words, your encouragement, your experiences, your empathy and sympathy and just plain recognition and agreement of the difficulty of my plight.

Seriously, I would read through your comments and just bask in the glory that everyone has a hard time and that I wasn't alone. It totally helped me be able to face another night of not knowing what to do when my baby screamed her head off.

I love you all. Belonging to the group of womanhood is a wonderful group to be a part of. We stick together, and I like that.

So thanks.
My canteen is refilled.
We are on our feet again, and loving our Vivian babe and her one month of life so far.

My heck she's a doll. I could just eat her.

Ps: all things are not solved. I am still fat and my hair is still falling out. I still have no idea what I'm doing. But you guys were right. It does get better.


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