High school dances are so awkward, aren't they?
I'm in a reminiscing mood, I'm lacking in good material, and I'm linking up here, hence this stupid post (It's been a long week).

In my town, dances were a BIG DEAL. You had to make sure that you asked someone who would fit in with your group of friends, because you all HAD to go together. The day date had to be spectacular and an all day thing. Dinner had to be good. Or else (Rusty's anyone?). Ties matched dresses, corsages had to be just so. Picture poses are thought of before hand. It's expected that you will go hang out somewhere and watch a movie after the dance. Until 3 (it's like we hadn't seen enough of each other in the last 24 hours).

So here in this blog, I may be mentioning someone you know. Maybe it's your son. Or your brother. Maybe your husband? Like I said, I'm from a small town. Everyone knows everyone and their dog and all the dirty laundry on their mom. Seriously. 

But high school was SO five years ago. So don't get offended. I'm over it. Also, if you've changed times a million since high school, raise your hand {raised}. I don't still love the boys that I mention. ok? ok. I'm married. duh. Plus, boys don't read this blog. I think we're safe.

There was that one time when we all asked our serious boyfriends to the Sweethearts dance with us. I asked my out of town boyfriend...I was that girl. Basically I remember feeling so in love. and now looking back, there was way too much PDA and teenage lover angst for my liking. Makes me want to puke. Also, please love how my BF is proudly wearing his state ring. Pretty sure he wore that thing everywhere. I bet he still does.

Oh, I almost forgot. This was the dance where my friend reluctantly let me borrow her dress and as I was heading out the door with my beloved for the date, I stepped on it and ripped a huge hole in it. Sweet.

Then there was Junior Prom. This picture quite captures the beauty of it all: 

Two things I remember about my Junior Prom:
 I was so anticipating it. The guy who asked me? Well I was pretty psyched. I had become attached, you see. We had a little bit of a booty call thing going on, and I liked him. He was cool. And we hit it off pretty well. Looking back, maybe it was just so we would make out, but still. We were pretty good friends after.

And I remember how pissed I was about these pictures they gave us. No frame! And what was with the little glowy halo 80's thing? The lighting was terrible and we both look like crap. There went my perfect Jr. Prom down the drain. Except for one thing: we ate a 5 course meal at a mansion that night. Taken there by horse-drawn carriages. It was awesome.

(funny side story: one time we "went on a drive" to "look at the stars". The next day I showed up with a huge bruised bottom lip. I'm serious you guys, it was HUGE. Like, purple. No joke. Everyone asked me what happened and I told them that I got hit in the face with a basketball at practice the night before. What really happened? Well, you can guess. And it wasn't violence. He didn't talk to me for two weeks after that. Ouch, right?)

I feel like a slut when I tell that story. I mean, geez. Do you know how long it takes to get a fat bottom lip from that kind of thing? A freakin' LONG TIME! Don't judge. I was naive.

Then there was the time where I went with a kid I was dating. This was my very first formal dance of all time. And I'll tell you, it was a disaster. Ugly dress? Check. Ugly hair? Check. Cheap jewelry from Claire's? Check. Awesome sunburn from softball tournaments all day? Check. The most awkward prom picture pose of all time? Check. (ps: who even came up with that pose? Do people actually do that in real life?!?) Other than that, I seem to remember it as romantical. I got to be in a group with my brother and my best friend and my softball girls. It was a good time.

Oh, and then this other time when my hair was bigger than a balloon and my dress was a little too tight on my larger than life hips. But I thought it was my best look to date and I got to go with a guy I was totally in love with. Homecoming dances are my favorite. School spirit days, football butts, stupid cheerleaders and girls wearing their boyfriends' jerseys all in a week that ends with a big, fun dance just does something for me.

 And even though the guy didn't like me like me, I thought maybe he might. Although I can't remember specifics, I'm sure I flirted openly and awkwardly (as only I can), and I'm sure he was completely turned off by the whole thing. I think I got to kiss him for as a dare on New Year's Eve though. That was a major plus in my book.

Story of my life.

Last but not least, my two favorite dances:

For Sadie Hawkins, I went with one of my good guy friends that I had known forever.
We got along well, we talked easily, we had fun and had inside jokes and flirted like there was no tomorrow. But it was friendly flirting; you know the kind.  It was fun. I could be myself because I knew he liked me as a friend. Things were easy. 

It helped that the dance wasn't formal and I could be weird.

My group, which consisted of pretty much every single one of my girl and guy friends (and my brother! again!), was the best group in the history of groups. It was so fun. And because it was Sadie Hawkins, the girls chose the theme for the costumes. I remember it like it was yesterday: me and my softball girls coming up with the epic idea of doing Disney couples for the theme. I want to say it was my idea. We'll pretend it was.

Disney couples. Can you tell who everyone is?

And then there was the Junior prom I went to as a senior. I went to it with one of my friends, Jon the Mexican (that's what we called him. So not derogatory. He told us to call him that, I think.) It was so fun. Again, because we could be ourselves and just have fun. No pressure.

Biggest regret of my high school dance career? Not going to even one dance with my best guy friend. Not even one! So lame. I'm still pissed about it. 

 Moral of the story:
Don't go with crushes who may or may not like you and that you may or may not be obsessed with. Dances are much better with good friends. 

So tell me: 
Do you have any awesome high school dance stories? Pictures? Embarrassing moments?
Please share.

Link up if you dare.


  1. Hahaha this made me laugh soooo hard! Rusty's? At homecoming dinner (rustys) the server leaned over and dumped Alfredo sauce all over my dress. I was so mad, until I remembered that my dress was a clearance $15. That's always how I rolled. All of my jr and sr dance pictures are with the same guy, except the graduation dance we broke up so of course I took his best friend. bioch right? Oh and then there was the seminary teacher that used my friends and mine dresses as examples of immodesty... Ya that happened... Sorry this turned into a novel I could keep going on but I won't! Yay for Cedar High

  2. This was way too fun to read :) Feels like a different life, yeah? Oh Cedar High. Five years ago??? So crazy. Feels like 30 times that some days, and other days I still feel 15. Whatevs.

  3. These pics made me miss all your cute friends. Those were fun years! You were dang lucky to have such a fun group to hang with. really can't make fun of my "big" hair anymore! Wait til Viv sees these pictures of you

  4. Holy cow! Man I think you should have sent out a consent form for some of those group pics! haha Just teasin but your mom is right. I already feel like our style is WAY out of date! Good times in the old Cedar town. I think my favorite dance was the Sadies...We really had the best costumes EVER! Thanks for takin me back! You are hilarious!

  5. You're right -- going to dances with guys you think you like is overrated, and usually not any fun at all.

  6. And I forgot to mention that I had some pretty lame dance experiences too:

    Is this what linking up means? I feel more and more like an old person every day.

  7. You are awesome! I wish I knew you in high school. I also wish I went to high school in Utah when I see stuff like this!

  8. Haha Elyse! I loved this post! I'm from a small town and it totally took me back to my HS dances! Haha I was dateless for the fist 5+ hours of my first date. I had asked this kid to Preference and he "forgot" he had state debate the same day so he didn't show up until the actual dance. So I was dateless for the whole day date! Then the same night after the dance we jumped this bridge that was known for "jumping". We had this old van we were driving around in and when we landed, we popped a tire. I'm pretty sure that was the end of our date since the girls dad wasn't too happy we popped a tire! Good times!
    Thanks for the post Elyse. It was great!

  9. "Stupid cheerleaders".... totally offended ;) I love taking a stroll down memory lane!

  10. OMG I love Jason - such a nice guy!! Don't think he wears the school ring anymore, but maybe ha ha ha

  11. Prom. Ohhhhh PROM! This whole post made me laugh. Might just have to dig up some prom pictures and share sometime. :)

  12. Oh my gosh... this definitely brought back a lot of memories and makes me laugh at the fact that I could recognize a lot of people in these photos! I was looking at my old highschool dance photos not too long ago and thinking the same thing... holy crap. awkward. And if you didn't go to Rusty's or Milt's it was definitely "not good enough" what were we thinking. Hahaha I'm glad I stumbled across your blog you've always been a crack up & i'm glad to see you're doing good! Good luck with Vivian it gets easier (I swear), ok maybe not easier you just figure things out... or care less I haven't decided yet. :)



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