I have a psychic baby


when you pick up the remote control.

when you pick up a book.

when you kiss your husband.

when you have a quiet, un-busy second alone with your husband.

when the car stops.

when you sit down.

when you really have to pee.

 when you stop "shhhh" ing.

when you touch any form of eating utensil.

when you get really comfortable in bed.

when someone calls you.

even if she is dead asleep,
she knows.
and then she cries.

Should I start renting her out for party entertainment?


  1. I'll take her - I don't like to do any of that stuff anyway

  2. Oh Elyse- I totally know how you feel. Havyn is the exact same way. She definitely knows when she is not with us. For instance today I went to go put her down(she was totally out) and not even 5 minutes later she was wide awake. So annoying!
    Everyone says take advantage of this time to cuddle with them because they get bigger and they don't want to do that anymore. Easier said than done, I know! Good luck! Your sweet little V is so adorable!

  3. Do you want a two year old to throw into that mix??? It would be sooooo fun!

  4. Hahaha this is so true, they are all psychic, it's hilarious! Your little V is so cute I can't even stand it!

  5. Haha! Great Post! Beautiful Vivian just wants to be with her mom at all times! haha She is adorable. Just remember that all girls are a little HM (high maintainance) it's in our blood. haha You look so stylin!!

  6. so true. i guess all three of mine are psychic. we could go on the road;)



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