here's the thing


I am losing my brain.
I guess it left along with my hair and flat stomach. Weird how that happens.

it's kind of really affecting my life. And it will affect this post, because I'm pretty sure it won't flow or make any sense at all.

Anyway, lets get real here. 
We've established that having a baby is hard, right?
Well it is for me.
I have learned that it is essential for me to have a life outside of my house. 
We try really hard to get out and be normal with our friends. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We're just lucky our friends still invite us and aren't sick of our constantly crying baby. yet.

 I hate blurry pictures. It doesn't even hide my fat bump. 
Reminder: do not ever wear that dress again.

 And do you love that the two girls holding babies don't actually have babies yet? And they are naturals? Like, they look more like moms than I do.

so ya. Summer bonfires are fun.

You know what else is fun?
A good outfit AND hair day at the same time.

See also: 
Saturday picnics in your favorite park on the most beautiful sunshine-y day ever.

Until you find yourself in the middle of a gang spat.
And there's a cadillac full of black guys involved.
And a bunch of white wannabe teenage gangstas involved.
and phrases like "our turf" and "wanna see what I'm packin'?" involved.

A sideways gun hold, also known as the kill shot (name that movie).
and gun fire.
a 911 call.
Hoodlums swearing and pulling up their baggy pants sans belt so they could get the hell out of there.
A crying baby (mine).
At least six cops setting up a perimeter.
Cops taking statements from witnesses (see above).
and the realization that the gunfire was actually just a cap gun.

What an idiotic teenager. Yup, I see what you're packin'. A toy. 
Classy, mini-eminem wannabe. Classy.
And I don't appreciate the violence around my baby. 
It scared the you-know-what out of me.  

Oh. And then there was this thing called our third anniversary.
Turns out when you have a baby, anniversaries aren't what they used to be.

A quick dinner date out before Viv wakes up for the babysitter, and a night full of the same ole romantical things. Like falling asleep in separate rooms, one with laundry half folded, the other with the baby finally asleep.

Sleep is as good as sex right now. Probably better.
That happens.
Ah, parenthood.
It's glorious.

ps: please be lovin' on my first colored pants purchase.
hot pink.

I'm in a weird mood.


  1. HaHa... Oh how I love you.... I am dying over that gang spat there was a drive by shooting in the house behind me when I lived in Vegas, I will never forget it!! Scary stuff...... You always look so cute I love all of your outfits!! and stop being so hard on your self.. you just had a baby and look amazing!!

  2. love the pink pants!! I have to tell you you will start getting some of your freedom and sanity back eventually, it just takes time. maybe i've already told you that, but it's good to remember. happy anniversary!

  3. Ok you might be getting two comments from me because I don't think the last one went through, but it went something like: I think you are the most hilarious person I know. Also, you look seriously good, and I'm loving the pink pants. Dale is a lucky man. Thirdly, Tate with the ketchup made my day. My kid is weird.

  4. Elyse... you are one hot mamma! Those pants? DAYUM is right. Diggin it. I love this post and I love that you are just keeping it real on the perks of having a baby... makes me excited slash nervous but I like the honesty!

  5. Elyse, I love how open and honest you are about having kids. All everyone every talks about is the good stuff, and you aren't prepared for the not so good stuff. Sometimes I feel like I'm only allowed to rave about how great having a baby is and blah blah blah. But sometimes it isn't great, and it's fine to admit that. And you look great! Hey, my kid is a year, and I would love to look as great as you do. Wish I could pull off those awesome pants like you can.

  6. Just because no one else did..... I'll name the movie..... Date night. :) adorable pants by the way. Love colored jeans.



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