blessed times a million


This past weekend was a special one:
Dale gave little miss Vivian a name and a blessing.

She was blessed with a strong personality and fiery spirit. 
She was blessed to touch the lives of those around her,
and she was blessed with a strong testimony of the gospel.
She was reassured of her purpose on earth and the love Heavenly Father has for her.

The whole time she was staring at the priesthood bearers holding her
and when Dale held her up at the end of the blessing to show her to the congregation, the flower of her headband fell right into her eye so she looked like a flower girl version of a pirate.

Everyone laughed, 
and when that happened, I looked at the other half of my little family standing at the front of the room, and little tears sprang to my eyes.

I thought to myself in that moment,
"How cute are they?!  I am so lucky."

also included in the weekend:

handmade booties (adapted from this tutorial)
a beautiful, happy baby (finally!)
family in town (we love you all so much! Thank you!)
supportive friends (you guys are the best!)
thoughtful people (thank you times a million!)
a cute new dad (I love you darling)
and of course,
a beautiful blessing.

 I am so blessed to have the little family that I do.
What a sweet blessing to be blessed with on blessing day.


  1. Your bubba is the cutest thing! Oh my goodness you make such a beautiful little family :)

  2. Miss Viv looks absolutely stunning in that vintage dress, You look gorgeous, LOVE your whole outfit! What a cute family! I love the booties you made her. So fun! I'm glad you got to have your family there! Love ya girl!

  3. Congratulations on little Viv's first big milestone. I love it when babies seem to know to be on their best behavior for their special day. Having a child lets us see every Gospel principle through new eyes. Suddenly everything you have been taught all your life takes on beautiful new meaning. A circle of Priesthood holders (the ones you love dearly) lovingly holding your little girl in their hands is a memory never to be forgotten. You really are blessed! We all are.



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