alliterations and un-hateable things


I was thinking the other day about the months passing by and words that come to my head as I think about them in the wee hours of the night while nursing a baby.

Just January 
Because it was just that: January. Nothing exciting. I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy and kind of hit a wall. Looking was a dang good wall. Kind of missing it right about now.

Freakin' Forever February
My pregnancy lasted forever. Is it freakin' over yet!?! I want to meet my baby!!!

Miraculous March
Do I need to explain this? I had aforementioned baby. And she's a cutie.

Amazing, Atrocious Adjustment April
Because a new baby is pretty awesome, but adjusting really is atrocious.

and then....

well then we hit May. As I was sitting in church the other day, I started coming up with words that describe my month of May so far:

(my days are) monotonous
(my house is) mayhem
murderous (sorry)
miserable (ugghh)
mysterious (i have no idea what I'm doing)
(i feel) marginal 
and a tiny bit magnificent (because Vivian is Vivacious).

Vivian is hitting her two month mark of life today. Two months.

You know that feeling where time feels like it has flown by, but has stood still at the same time? I think that happens with kids...or any time really. You look at your life and realize that life is passing you by quickly, but you seem to have been in the moment forever.

I feel like these two months have been my whole life, and at the same time that I blinked and here we are. Two months. They have been so hard, and so wonderful. They have been painful for baby girl, and painful for us. Don't you hate when doctors can't figure out what the heck is wrong? And don't you hate it when your baby is in pain constantly and you don't know why? And don't you hate when you can't do one single thing to fix it? 

Well, I hate all those things.
And all of this hate has made me really down lately.

So guess what?
Here's a list of un-hateable things that I un-hate lately:

*driving fast*

*listening to really loud Nickelback/Breaking Benjamin/Shinedown/3 Days Grace while I drive really fast*

*eating my feelings at the new In N' Out by my house at 11 PM. Even though I'm supposed to be on a diet*

*saying screw the diet and getting a really big cookie. Or maybe two*

*having a really funny PMS rant session with your SIL*

*pink lipstick*

*colored jeans*

*lifting at the gym! Again! Finally!*

*the wonderful women I serve with*

*drive-in movies*

*finding old CD's that rock*

*new embarrassing pictures of my ginger man*

*cool planet Earth phenomenons happening out my front door*

*singing Beatles and Beach Boys and Taylor Swift songs as lullabies because they are the only songs I can remember the words to right now. And most of the words are made up*

*funny dreams*
*new work out clothes*

*watching Seinfeld*

*reading a really good book for the first time, getting lost in that world, and it making it onto your exclusive favorite books list (The Night Circus, if you were wondering)*

*a smiling baby who is starting to talk and squeal and aalllllllmost laugh. We're getting there.*

*and the bright spot of parents coming this weekend to help celebrate a blessing of a darling baby girl in a beautiful vintage dress*

What a list of un-hateable things. 
(is un-hateable happening? I was trying to go with the theme of "un-birthday", but I don't think it's happening.  If you want to throw a Mean Girls quote at me, now would be the time. 10 points if you get the quote I'm thinking of.)

Here's to a jolly, joyful, jubilant, juicy, jovial, jam-packed-with-fun June

(did you figure out that Mean Girls quote yet? Do you have things you are un-hating right now?)


  1. Love this post. Love Viv! She's looking so much older already! We leave for Italy tonight and Livvy said this morning she wanted to give Vivian a bottle. HA! Wrong baby! Hope the blessing day is beautiful! Wish we could be there! Miss you!

  2. "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!"

    For the record, un-hateable is totally working.

    ps. Vivian is beautiful. Looks like her momma!

  3. Well, I UN-hate this post, if that counts! :) Even in your getting-used-to-being-a-mommy-ness you are adorable. And normal. And this too shall pass...really, really, really fast. :) I love you and will take little Miss Vivian off your hands ANY time!!!! Oh, and how fun that I made it into your blog post--even though I am shoving cake into my mouth....what's new??? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  4. It does fly by and then you get to watch your beautiful daughter learn to be a great mom!

  5. Stop trying to make fetch happen! Ha. Someone beat me to it but I was with ya!!

    Blessing days are fun. I'm excited to see pictures of her cute vintage dress.

    Good idea to focus on the unhateables. Kate spit up a ton and cried a ton for that first little bit so I remember how long that time can seem. Someone told me to try and do something for yourself at least once a day so that you don't go crazy-- good advice I think.

  6. Elyse, you are so easy to love. Maybe it's your honesty. Or maybe it's your determination to be the best wife/mother you can be. I do admire you and love you. By the way, where did that pix of Dale come from? I've never seen it. I recognize the background, the rock work on my house and Jannah's dress. He was always so adorkable.

  7. Oh my heck, she is so adorable! I especially love the picture of the 3 of you in your yellow pants. Those pants are amazing!

  8. Great post! I'm un-hating frozen yogurt and movie popcorn right now, along with other mostly food related things.

  9. So, I feel like I never comment on blogs. I am not against, it . . . I just never think about it. But, for this I make an exception. Girl. How are you looking SO freaking good?! Didn't that baby like, just barely happen? You are so gorgeous.

  10. You're real, and that's one of the many reasons I love you, Elyse. Hang in there- you've almost made it through one of the hardest things you've ever been through or will go through! You're my hero.

    PS this post was so fetch.

  11. So I just found your blog through a girl I know who recommended it on her blog. You have such a cute little family and your blog about it is adorable! I'm so what new to the blogging world but it's oh so fun to find friends through it. Hope to get to know you better!




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