what do you think?


 Who does she look like?


Dale's newborn picture

Viv's hospital picture

Or me:

My newborn picture


I know. That newborn picture of Dale and Viv's hospital picture are freakishly alike. Weirds me out.  But he shows it to everyone because he is proud. Proud that he threw most of the genes and I did all of the work. She got his hair, his butt, his toes, his hips, his indigestion problems, his temper and his hair line. Whatever, right?

But sometimes...I'll get glimpses of me in her. Sometimes her eyes look like me. Sometimes I think she has my lips or my nose. And she got my loud voice. Lucky girl.

Either way.
She is a little darling.

ps: I promise this blog will not always be about my baby. Someday I'll get to thinking about normal stuff again. 


  1. Um first of all I am perfectly fine reading about little miss vivian all the time. haha and Second of all I think she is a good mix. I see a lot of you in her!!! Eyes definitely, nose, hair, and her cute little mouth! She is ADORABLE!

  2. I think she looks like you! Such a gorgeous little girl!

  3. She is soo sweet! I wish I could be there to see her. Mostly Dale.. but I agree she has your eyes.
    Its okay.. Luke looks just like Clay too. I know the feeling!



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