the quick and dirty version of a birth story


 Having my baby was an amazing experience. One that I don't really have the words to explain. I feel like everything happened so fast. The days leading up to the birth, the actual delivery and even all of these days afterward have been a whirlwind of emotion, exhaustion, experiences and love. I have never been so afraid and so happy. I have never been so focused and such an airhead. I have never felt so much pain but felt so elated by it simultaneously. I have never loved my husband more, been amazed by my body more, or felt such an overwhelming amazement for God's creation of life.

I've always wanted to write the birth story of my baby, but I have tried and tried. I've written in my journal, in Viv's baby journal, and read Dale's account, and none of those accounts seem to even come close to what the experience was like. It was an amazing, chill and sacred experience that changed me, and I really can't do it justice on this here blog, because I don't really want to spill my guts like I do in my real journal. Plus, did you really want to hear all about the nitty gritty bloody pain-laced rants of a post-pregnant lady?

Another reason? Recounting it all just might make me cry big ugly tears. I'm so emotional. Gross. Stupid tears. I really hate them. The other day I cried over not having the right pillow. Maybe that was partly because my baby won't sleep for me, but will for my husband and mom.


Instead, I'll give you a quick and dirty version of Miss Vivian's birth story.

Monday (19th) 
Woke up Monday morning feeling crampy. Remembered that I had felt two fairly strong contractions in the middle of the night. My very very first! Called mom. She freaked. Decided to come early. I laid around feeling bad for my crampy body, wishing for more contractions and watching TV all day. At 8 PM I decided I should stop being lazy and make freezer meals finally. So I did. 

Tuesday (20th)
Pick up mom from the airport. While driving, realize I'm having contractions and they are consistent. Like, every 10 minutes consistent. They hurt. bad. We're excited. Dale won't stop texting me about it.We go eat spicy Mexican food and shop. Contractions get less consistent. I get pissed. We come home and sleep.

Wednesday (21st)
My mom and I decide to deep clean my house because I procrastinated. Then we get pedicures and eat the most delicious crepes ever. We go shopping and walk around. Contractions are happening more today. Consistent, and more intense. They don't really go away when we walk. We go eat sushi with Dale. I go to a church meeting. Contractions are coming between 5 and 7 minutes apart. I really can't talk or walk very well through them. Dale is way too anxious about everything. By midnight, I can't sleep, so I take a shower and get ready (just in case. so vain.). Can't sleep. Still can't sleep. Contractions hurt. Like hell. I wonder why the hell anyone ever even considers going natural. By 4 AM, I call the doctor. He tells us to mosey on in. I wake Dale up. We take our time. I puke. The shakes start. Dale gives me a blessing for everything to go smoothly and to calm me down. I've only had a few I-don't-want-this-baby-to-come-out-anymore freak outs. We leave our house. At the hospital, our nurse with a funny Russian accent checks me and I'm at a 4. Puking and shaking continues. The epidural happens. 
I'm in heaven.

Thursday (22nd)

The next 12 hours were extremely boring. If we are Facebook friends, you will know that I was on it all day. I even tried to sell my three Hunger Games tickets online (so mad!). I was dilated to an 8 at that baby news, just trying to make a little cash on the side. I just thought labor would be a little more exciting.  No dice when you get an epidural. We were bored. all. day. We watched two movies. Baby was taking her sweet time. Finally, the doctor broke my water and gave me a little pitocin. Three hours of my-epidural-wearing-off-on-my-right-side-and-puking later, I was ready to push. So I did. I pushed for 20 minutes and out she came. 

Dale was crazy excited when she saw all of her dark hair.
I was crazy amazed when I saw her little blue face come out of my body.
We were both indescribably happy. There are no words.

Don't mind our ugly cry faces and blurry picture.
When they set her on my chest, she gave two little cries and then just sat there and looked around at the world. Dale and I just sat there and looked at her in amazement. 

At a time like that, I wonder how there can be such a thing as an Athiest in the world. 
Having a human grow inside of another human and that human coming out with a breathing, perfectly formed body is a miracle that only a divine being could perform.

When they took her off of me to clean her up and run some tests, I saw that she had pooped all over me. You know that nasty, sticky, black, tar-like stuff they have? 
Ya. All over me.
The first of many.
And gosh was it funny.

so ya. I guess you could say we might keep her around.
We love her lots.



Two weeks later, I still don't feel like I can't imagine a life without her like people will say. Because I can. I remember my wonderful, quite, sleep-filled nights. Lazy, sporadic, unconstrained days.  A flat stomach. No stretch marks. Clothes that fit. Date nights whenever we feel like it.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade her for any of that. 
Because we kind of like her.
A whole whole bunch.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! You are amazing girl! What a great mom! Isn't it so crazy how one minute you don't have her and then the next you get her forever and couldn't live without her! Life has changed for you but like you said it is totally worth it! Marc and I don't like to get babysitters much (like at all ha)...we take both of them on dates with us! It wouldn't be much fun without our little kiddos! haha She is so sweet and is so lucky to have you two as parents! Love ya girl!

  2. This is amazing. I cried. Haha. She is beautiful. :) Congrats!

  3. Ah this post killed me. I saw your crying eyes and I teared right up. Love you guys and baby V!

  4. Thanks for sharing, even though it made me cry. :) What a blessed little girl you have, to have such amazing, beautiful parents. Motherhood is definately the greatest gift God gives us. Congrats again girl, she's absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I loved this post so much! May or may not have teared up a bit. You two are the cutest parents ever and I'm so excited for you guys!

  6. Aw Elyse, I can already tell you and Dale are amazing parents! What an amazing experience! I love the blurry picture of you and dale crying and the one of your mom and dale too :) I cannot wait until I see you again and I get to hold her! She is so gorgeous! She pulls both you and dale perfectly!!!

  7. You made me cry! I'm 29 weeks and am honestly super emotional (as you probs can relate) and can't wait to meet our little guy! I just want him to get here but dont at the same time!

  8. Um this was your "quick and dirty" version? Cuz I'm pretty sure I loved every second of it and still managed to tear up. You guys are awesome and Viv is a babe!

  9. Oh my gosh! Like everyone else I got teary eyed. I can't tell you enough how happy I am for you guys!
    Love you all!



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