pregnant vs. baby


The other day I was thinking of all the reasons I would rather still be pregnant than have a real live baby.

via Pregnant Chicken

If I was pregnant, maybe these guys would show up at my door saying these things.

My first favorite. Because I know Dale loved doing this. Via Pregnant Chicken

worry free sleep
patience intact 
I could eat whatever I wanted
no time constraints 
I could still wear tight clothes and get away with it- 
because a pregnant belly is still considered cute for some reason.
I could watch a movie uninterrupted.
I could have gone to the gym (even though I never did)
feeling a baby kick you from the inside.
awesome boobs

via Pregnant Chicken

agonizing heartburn.
hugely fat face.
feeling like a whale.
no stomach sleeping.
crying for no apparent reason.
nosebleeds for no apparent reason
Peeing my pants if I laughed too hard.
Peeing my pants if I sneezed too hard.
Peeing my pants if I coughed too hard.
Having to pee ALL. THE. TIME.

via Pregnant Chicken

Things that are the same:
not having anything to wear
freak outs

My personal favorite. Via Pregnant Chicken

But hey. If I was still pregnant, I wouldn't have this cute baby to look at. so whatever. That reason is the best reason that having a baby outweighs being pregnant. 

I guess it's worth it or something. Who knew?


  1. The boobs part sucks when you already had them to begin with! Ugh.
    And your baby is seriously PRECIOUS. I am loving that head of hair!

  2. She is getting so big! The only thing I miss about being prego is not being able to eat anything I wanted...wait I still do that! haha You are such a great mom!:)

  3. Those pics w/comments are hilarious. I would fall over dead if Kade patiently said he would "repaint something"

  4. Hahaha. Omg I would take a screaming pooping my sore, sore nip, baby anyday over being pregnant. It's the worst... This post cracked me up, as always. Xoxo

  5. Haha, I freakin' love this.
    Baby Viv is so adorable. :)

  6. oh gosh, she is definitely a cutie!! well worth it! and all those cons about peeing had me laughing, and a little concerned for the futher. and the pictures of the guys...brilliant :)
    xo TJ



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