my iphone says....


....that it's consumed with pictures of a certain baby girl:

 {being happy} and {being lady like}

{surprise Easter baskets} and {the cutest bunny}

 {two girls in polka dots} and {a thug sleeper}

 {all dressed up and nowhere to go} and {the most awesome onesie ever}

{one week birthday celebration} and {indecent exposure}

{flame throwers and creme brulee} and {sunshine in the park}

My Iphone was so full it had to vomit up all of these pictures.


  1. Soooo incredibly cute! She is adorable!!! I really want to make some creme brulee now, yum!!

  2. LOVE! She is so stinkin cute! I can't get over it and I won't! haha Oh and you are one HOT momma! I still don't get dressed up that cute even if I am going somewhere. You look good girl! :)



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