movies you have to see and love. or else.


So I was reading this one blog one day, and she made a list of ten movies that are a requirement for friendship.

It was funny...and I've only seen half the movies she listed.
But it got me thinking:

What are the movies that would make it hard for friendship to survive with me if said friend hadn't seen them?  I had a hard time narrowing it down.

Because let me talk straight with you. My family, well we are a movie watching family. My family quotes movies like you wouldn't believe. It's unreal. If you wanted us to, we could systematically quote a whole movie to you at the dinner table. My brothers have to be there, and so does my dad, because they add a heightened sense of humor and hilarity to the whole thing. My mom has to be there to pretend she's not laughing and to say how dumb those movies are. My sister has to be there so she can act the part of dumb blonde and not get the jokes. And I, of course, have to be there because I say some funny lines.

At any point in time, you will catch us saying quotable quotes to each other in regular conversation. It's funny. Like, way funny.  BUT, if you haven't seen the movies, you would hear us and think we were crazy.

What I'm trying to say is this:
These movies encompass my sense of humor. Mostly. Some of them I just love because my family loves them, and some of these are just so insanely good that you would have to be crazy not to love them.

So I couldn't pick just ten. I can't make decisions. 
Here are thirteen of the movies that you really have to have seen and loved. Or else. 

Tommy Boy

 This movie is a serious classic. A little raunchy? Maybe. But there aren't enough numbers in the world that could count how many times we say "...your head has on it."  Classic. Enough said. Please put it on your Netflix queue now.

The Princess Bride

If you haven't seen this movie, I will not consider you a decent human being.
If you have seen it and do not love it....well...I kind of feel sad for you. Because you are missing out.
"Plato? Aristotle? Morons."

The Count of Monte Cristo

 I have a major crush on Jim Caviezel. He is hott in this movie. And it is so good that I could watch it every day and not get sick of it. I've read the book, and this is one of the few movies that I would say is equally good or better than the book. Great acting. Amazing story. So. Good.


This movie is hands down the funniest animated movie of all time. I bet Dale and I have watched it six times in the last month, and every time we laugh our heads off. It has changed the way we talk.
Instead of "Hello", we say "Olo"
Instead of "School", we say "Shool"
and Instead of "Spider", we say "Speeider" or "Arachnis Deathicus".
Please buy it. 
It's that good.
(PS. it also takes a stab at the popular Obama campaign. Hilarious.)

 My family wouldn't be my family if this movie didn't exist. I don't think it's a very well-known movie, but it will change your life. Except I'll give you a fair warning: Andie MacDowell SUCKS in this movie. Really. But the rest of it is classic. This is one of the movies my fam could quote forever and never get sick of it. 
"I like pizza. I LIKE it!"

A Christmas Story

I have come to a startling realization in the past couple years: not everyone loves this movie at Christmas time. Some people actually love a different movie. I was shocked when I heard that Elf was a top ranking traditional movie. I mean, it's good, but it has nothing on A Christmas Story. 
Leg lamp? Bunny suit? Chinese singing "Farararara"? Does it get funnier than that?
And Dale hates this movie. 
I don't know if we would have got married if I would have known that before.
But I didn' he deals with it. He deals with watching it on TBS 24/7 on Christmas day while my family cracks up over and over again.

The Prestige

My love for this movie knows no bounds. It is intense and mysterious and makes you think. two very favorite actors star in this movie. I would marry them both if I could. 


Seriously...this one makes my brain hurt. But it's a movie that stayed in my head long after I left the movie theater. And I don't find many movies that get me like that. And I love Leo Dicap & Joseph Gordon-Leavitt. Love them both.

Robin Hood Men in Tights

 Funny, raunchy, cheesy, and awesome. This movie is a Whitney family classic. Without fail, every time I see my older brother, he will inevitably say "A Jew? Here?"  I admit that this movie is not for everyone. I tried to show it to my roommates in college because I was sick of watching stupid One Tree Hill and they fell asleep and I was banned from picking movies. You have to watch it with the right people and be in the right mood. But when you's awesome.

7 Pounds
One of the few movies that I bawl in every time I watch it. Will Smith is an amazing actor. This movie is on my top five favorites list, without a doubt. I just can't even give it enough praise, and so you need to just watch it to know what I'm talking about. 
Ps: It's a little depressing. But oh, so worth it.

The Sandlot

 "Is that your sister out in left field? Naked?"
"You're killin' me smalls!"
"How can I have s'more of nothing?"
"L7 Weenie"

This is one movie that if you haven't seen it, we seriously cannot be friends. 

It's a Wonderful Life
  I. Love. Jimmy. Stewart.
This movie is our Christmas Eve tradition.
I can't explain how much I love it.

Napoleon Dynamite
"I think you bruised my neck meat"
"Your mom goes to college"
"I'll bake her a cake or something" (in your best Mexican accent)
Yes. This is the dumbest movie of all time. 
Yes. It is also the funniest movie of all time.
Dale hates this movie too.
How did we even fall in love? I will never know.


Honorable Mentions:
Lover Come Back
Mean Girls

So what are some of you favorite "must watch and love" movies? Same? Different?
Please share. 


  1. Have you ever seen Hot Rod? It falls in the Napolean Dynamite category, but way better. Seriously, it's SO funny and my #1 most quoted movie.

  2. How can I forget Multiplicity. For some reason I remembered your family LOVES that movie. I think especially Brian hahah.

  3. Frankly, I'm surprised that Hocus Pocus didn't make the cut. As for my list... Nacho Libre is close to the top (i feel like you hate that movie), Heavy Weights, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, West Side Story, Little Women, An Affair to Remember, are all i can think of right now. Hats off to your list tho. I have seen most of them so i hope that qualifies us as friends :)

  4. Loved this post! I thought of my husbands family when you said you can quote a whole movie at the dinner table. Him and all of his siblings pretty much have memorized A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, The Sound of Music, The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Sandlot... oh and Home Alone. How could I forget that one. I've honestly come to love all of these movies and I'm working on "the lines" from each of these so that I can be part of the dinner conversations. Every time we get together without fail someone quotes something! It's awesome.

    Oh and your list is awesome. I've seen most of them but I'll have to watch a few!

  5. Well basically I think I know why we are friends...I have seen and still quote to this day a line from almost all of those movies. haha You made my day because I don't have anyone up here who even gets my quotes. They look at me like I'm nuts when I end up laughing at myself. I would have to say out of your list Tommy Boy, Multiplicity, and Count of Monte Cristo top my list (if I had a list haha) I LOVE the picture of you and Vivian at the top of your blog! So cute!

  6. I guess I need to get my Netflix on tonight. Multiplicity?? I better be impressed.

  7. 7 Pounds really? That was a sob fest for me! I love Billy Madison. I've seen it at least 1000 times. Stop looking at me swan!

  8. This is an excellent post and has inspired me to make a similar post.

    First of all..... I have decided from reading your list of movies that we would be great friends.(although few I haven't seen all the way through.....) ..... But I am a huge movie buff. Live for movie watching. And I am a huge movie quoter. Friends tell me that if movie quoting were a career.... I desperately needed to major in that. (unfortunately its not....ugh).

    But just so you know.... I honestly judge people by their movie taste.....won't lie about it. And yours seems superb. So.... You passed. :)



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