week one


In one week, my house has transformed from a clean (ish) one to not so much.

Burp cloths in every room, lonesome baby socks scattered here and there, and little discarded baby outfits lying around on the ground. 

The diaper pail is completely full, and that little body has almost cleaned us out of diapers and wipes already. 

I've been peed and pooped on multiple times so far, and I have become an excellently fast swaddler. Those squirming legs ain't got nothin' on me.


 We can't seem to kiss her little sweet face enough or smell her beautiful head enough.

 We could (and do) sit and stare at her all night while she's sleeping so we can catch every little funny expression and movement on her tiny perfect face. 

We love talking to her when she's awake and watch her turn her head towards our voices. We feel kind of like big shots around here. 

We even love her when she's screaming. Dang this girl has some LUNGS. At least she got something from me.






 And something else?
 Seeing your husband all smitten with your baby is probably the sexiest thing ever. 
Stupid six week rule. 

**Thanks Ash for taking pictures of our sweet baby girl. You're the best.**


  1. Yay! A post! I can't get enough of your baby updates. You make motherhood look so easy and beautiful! I still need to meet your cute baby.

    Those pictures are uh-mazing!! Super good job Ashley. I love the one of her with the yellow bow and the ones of you and Dale.

    A few things I can't get over: You sit up and watch her sleep at night!!? Aren't you exhausted? Oh and "stupid six week rule!?" Really!!? I am amazed.

    1. Ha ha Jenny. No way. Staying up all night would kill me....but during the day...maybe.

      As for the 6 week rule, I'm only half serious

  2. PS once her pretty dark hair grows longer I think people will see more of a resemblance between the two of you. I do see Dale but I see a little of you in there too!

  3. She is perfectly beautiful. I LOVE newborns. (and 6 month olds, 1 yr olds, 18 month olds..........)

  4. These pictures are perfect! My favorite is the one of all three of you with the polaroids strung up behind you. You are GORGEOUS!

  5. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! Love your new little family! You look amazing! Such a sweet post!

  6. Love these pictures. :) You guys are great!

  7. Those are so cute! I didn't do any new newborn pics, and I'm really sad. And I'm pretty sure that 6vweek rule is there for a reason! And to use as an excuse as well.

  8. How cute are those pictures!!! So sweet! she is absolutely GORGEOUS and so sweet! You two are such great parents and you look so great! There is no way you look that good after having a baby!! Usually pushing a baby out of you takes a toll on how cute you look...aparently not you! haha So excited for you guys! :)

  9. Oh I love these pics! We are in love with her already:) Love her little face! And I love the ones Dale emailed of when she was first born! The happy tears both of you had:) Can't wait to meet her! Also, I am quite sure no one ever makes it the full six weeks;) Haha! Love you three!

  10. Congrats!! She is beautiful! I hope you are recovering well=)

  11. Oh she is so cute! Love the family pics. Hope you are feeling well! You look great.

  12. so beautiful!!
    she is so lucky to have you two!



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