sunshine memories


Have you ever had days where the memories have a contented, sunshine-y quality to them?
They are peaceful and serene and beautiful and perfect.
You wish you could recreate them, but they seem to happen of their own accord, when things fall perfectly into place all by themselves. 

You may not expect it, but one minute you're sitting there, and the next you're thinking in your head, "this is one of those sunshine memories." and then you try to remember every detail, and how unbelievably happy you feel at that precise moment.

The way the sun feels on your face.
The sound of a creek and a contented silence from nature, 
interspersed with the sound of pages being turned in books.
The way the sky looks so blue and perfect, juxtaposed with the sharpness of budding trees against it.
That clear, sharp smell that says spring is here to stay,
and the taste of the laugh from the last dorky joke you said to your husband still on your tongue.
 And maybe a little kiss is left there too.

One of those sunshine memories happened to us over the weekend at my favorite park.
It is now locked up in my head with some of my other favorite sunshine memories.

Even the part where our peaceful moment was interrupted with sword fights and two 10 year-old boys yelling things like, "No way, gladiators beat ninjas. Gladiators are the fiercest warriors of the whole world".
and things of that nature.

sunshine memories.
lock and key.


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  2. I know exactly what you mean! I'm so jealous that you already have spring there while we still have at least 6 good weeks left of winter!

  3. Sunshine and Magnolias. Perfect!



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