more things about being pregnant that you didn't want to know


I've been in a little bit of limbo/nesting/doing nothing type of mood for the last couple weeks.

Lots of washing tiny baby clothes,
buying lots of gross recovery birth stuff,
packing bags, installing car seats, watching Parenthood.
Watching baby girl move my stomach into the oddest contortions,
getting feet the size of an elephant,
and generally just hobbling around like an old woman.
I have not yet graduated to waddling, but I frequently hit people with my protruding belly. 
I'm getting really annoyed with people seeing my belly, eyes widening, before quickly glancing at my face and looking away awkwardly. I don't know if it's because they think I'm some knocked up teenager or because I'm just THAT HUGE. 

36 weeks
Either way. It's annoying. 
Makes me kind of want to go poke them in the eye with my belly button. It sticks out far enough these days to do some serious damage, you know?

Also, my brain is totally gone.
Today I went to the doctor for my first dilation exam (I'm at a one. Whoop dee do), and same as every week, I am expected to leave a urine sample.
So, same as every week, I head to the bathroom after I get violated by the doctor, and I peed. 
But I forgot to pee in a cup.

So as a result, I stayed there for an extra 10 minutes guzzling a liter of water to try and coax my bladder into peeing again. Who forgets to pee in the cup?

My pregnant brain, that's who.

 Another thing: these parking spots rock my world. They should install them everywhere. 

And I love my new shoes. 
I'm obsessed with polka dots. I wonder when I'll get over that trend?
Probably never, but I'm ok with that.

Oh, and another thing. 
I have some pretty amazing friends out here, but you already knew that.
Anyway, they threw me the most amazing, pretty, detailed little baby shower last weekend.
I am still so in love with it.
Crepe bar. fruit. striped straws in mason jars. cute little floral details and vintage garlands.
It. was. adorable. 
remind me to never white again.
I'm so lucky to have so much support from wonderful women out here.
And dresses? Can we just talk about the baby girl outfits I got? 
Holy cuteness.

Anyway, I just really can't wait to show you guys the deets. I have friends who took pictures....because, ya. They are better at that than me. will be seeing them soon. 
And then you will die from cuteness overload. 

And guess what else? My parents and my sister came into town for a quick weekend to celebrate with me! It was a much needed time for expensive grandparent shopping and eating unsightly amounts of food.

  Playlist 1 by Elyse Beard on Grooveshark

So ya. And to end that random post with something else random, here is a random mix of songs that I can't seem to stop listening to lately. 

I had a dream last night about a popular blogger and Peeta Mellark and I gorging on some falafel and laughing at each other's very witty comments for hours. It was kind of epic and a little weird, but mostly awesome. I will miss my pregnancy dreams.


  1. Your new shoes are the CUTEST! And you seriously look adorable!

  2. Love her nursery, love your cute prego belly, love your cute clothes, and LOVE that you totally forgot to pee in a cup! haha Your brain doesn't get much better when she comes out! haha Miss ya friend! I can't wait to see how adorable your sweet girl is...girls are so fun!!!

  3. I'm laughing at you because you are hilarious and because I also forgot to pee in the cup once...maybe twice. Good times. I also may or may not own those shoes. :)

  4. Aaaand I might NEED those shoes. Where did you find them???

  5. So funny, though the brain part doesn't get much better with delivery. I had a friend tell me once that every pregnancy kills off more brain cells each time. So I'm pretty stupid right now :)



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