Vivian Beard is here!

March 22 at 6:26 pm
6 pounds 11 ounces
19 1/2 inches

We are so in love with her curly dark hair, beautiful lips and tiny bum.
Dale can't stop bragging that she looks exactly like him.
I make up ways that she looks like me.

She's kind of perfect, don't you think?

More pictures to come.
(and the story of how the first thing she did to greet me was poop on me)

We love her more than words can say.


  1. Ahhhh! You have a baby! Seriously when i got in the car to ride home from the hospital with gwen it hit me that i was responsible for another person and it was so weird and awesome. And im feeling that way for you right now!! I love you! And i want to see more pics of your precious! And im writing this on my nook and have no time for punctuation. Ahhhhhh!

  2. Surely Dale will stop holding her like that....hahahaha! You guys are just SO cute--love every single thing about your post! Can't wait to hear about her "marking" you as her territory. That is funny!

  3. She is so beautiful! I love how she was born on the same day that you posted last. I think you may have known deep down. She is so sweet, and tiny. Enjoy the tiny. (Visiting from another blog). Enjoy cuddling. _Diedre Gray

  4. Congratulations! Great work having her on Uncle Devin's birthday. Sorry about Hunger Games!

  5. Oh my.. she is so beautiful! Congrats on making a stunning mini human! You guys rock.

  6. 1- She is adorable!! So happy for you!
    2- She does look just like Dale.. Both of my boys look just like Alex too and I am always saying wait he just gave an expression that looked like me!! haha
    3-Many more poop on you's are headed your way!!
    xoxoxo Enjoy that little Angel!! Can't wait to see more pictures! xo

  7. Elyse!!! She is so freakin ADORABLE! I can see you in her for sure! She has so much hair and I LOVE it! You look gorgeous and I hope all is well. I can't get over how sweet she is. I love her cheetah outfit. haha Can't wait to meet her...hopefully sooner than later. Tell Dale congrats too on being a dad. Miss ya. Love ya!

  8. Yay!!! She is so cute! You will love being a mom! I love reading your blog, you are so funny! Vivian is an awesome name ! Great job and great genes you two! I can totally see Dale in her.. Except no red hair! Looks like she takes after her mama in that department! Congrats again!

  9. K first, she is adorable, second, she was born on my birthday, and third we have the same purple fingernail polish :) congrats on your new baby girl!!

  10. Congratulations Elyse! With all these hormones raging through my body, I just cried looking at these pictures! She is so precious!!

  11. Darling, darling!! I love all her dark hair:) Congrats to you and Dale!

  12. Ya this totally made me cry... she was so little! I remember that day and going to hold her in the hospital. So sweeet... can't wait till you come hold my baby in the hospital :)



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