baby shower extraordinaire


So, I've mentioned my baby shower a couple times, but I just have to give it its own post because it was so unbelievably cute, and unbelievably delicious, and I have some of the most unbelievably awesome friends.

I have a cute friend who is one of the most thoughtful, wonderful people I know. Cute style, funny, adorable family, and she just does so much for everyone around her. So she offered/forced me to let her throw me this shower, and I gotta say, I'm glad I gave in. Because whoa, she knows how to throw a party. And then....I have more amazing girl friends who helped so much and brought toppings, flowers, china, helped with decor, and did so much to make this shower pretty and fun. I am blessed to know such amazing women.

Am I lucky or what? 
I can't get over it.

Anyway, before I get all mushy and stuff, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
Here you go. Prepare to be blown away by cuteness overload. Like straight out of a Martha Stewart show. 

We had a little crepe bar filled with all of the fillings and toppings that your little heart could imagine. 

Isn't it a beautiful spread? 
I'm telling you, it was more delicious than it looks, if that's even possible.

Complete with a cute little drink bar and cute little garlands everywhere....

 Cute little bookmark favors with the sweetest little prints and the date....

Paper-wrapped books and beautiful spring flowers in mason jars wrapped in string...

and the sweetest friends a girl could ask for.

 It was a wonderful shower, something that I don't think I deserved and something I am so thankful for.
We got some beautiful clothes and essentials for baby girl and a LOT of books. Because ya, we had a book shower too. I am stocked up with the best books of all time! What else do you need?

People are nice, and I am constantly blown away by how thoughtful they are. 
Thank you to those who came, and to those who hosted, and to those who helped. 
I promise I'll let you hold this alien fetus baby girl of mine, since that's what we're celebrating. 

I hope my little miss knows how much people love her already. 
We are lucky girls.

ps: thanks to my mom and sister for coming. I'm so bummed I forgot to get a picture with you.
Thank you A & P for snapping pictures for me.


  1. Such a cute baby shower!! I agree!! I loved everything except the fact that I wasn't there to partake in the part-ay!!

  2. What an awesome idea to do a crepe bar!! It looked delicious! I also love all the decorations. Your friends did a fantastic job :)

  3. OH MY!!! Everything looks so cute! I love all the details!
    People really are so nice :)

  4. You realty do have wonderfully cute friends! What a fun shower. Never had a better luncheon. Can't wait to come hang out some more!

  5. A cute shower for a cute lady with a cute baby!

    P.S. Was I doing the Soulja boy in that picture?

  6. Elyse! You're so sweet. Everyone loves you and wanted to celebrate your awesomeness, especially me! Thanks for loving it. Makes me feel good inside :) and those pictures are awesome! I'll probably steal some of them at some point to write about it on my blog. Now, get that baby the H out of there so we can meet her already!!

  7. Beautiful sense of style and lovely posts! Would you like to follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl



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